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Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Special Stage


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(Before I start, I want to let any reader know that I DO know of Project Chaos and the remix in that compilation. However, I'm looking for a remix of this track with a different approach taken to it.)


Hello, I am Chaos. Today I am looking for someone to remix the Special Stage music from S3&K. I want to see if someone can remake it using some "updated" instruments, and lengthen the tune so it is enjoyable to sit down and listen to.

*(By that I mean instruments close to an electric keyboard, or guitar in that respect. :P)

Maybe the tone could be taken as rock 'n roll, or pop. Idk, experiment. :D

The only thing I want (specifically), is that the track should sound closer to something that'd be in the game. For instance, I liked the remix in Project Chaos, but the slow start wouldn't do it for me in this case.

Plz&Thx to anyone who wants to try this idea. If someone does it and finishes it, I would like it if you would either post a link to the song in this thread, or even PM me a link.

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