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SplatterHouse the original TG-16 version


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In particular "Body Eater" music which was the music that played when you reached the first boss. All those slimy slug things jumping out of the piles of gore in the background.

Other good tracks would be for that game "Evil Cross and Nightmare" which is the fourth boss I believe. All the floating heads guarding a floating inverted cross. Well heck all of the music from Splatterhouse Turbografx version is awesome. If anyone needs the .mp3's for it I downloaded the soundtrack, or you can check them out on youtube.com.

Thanks for reading my thread and I sure hope you talented ppl give this a try, there's really not that many re sequenced Splatterhouse tracks.


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Well, I wish I could swoop into this thread with links to a dozen otherwise overlooked remixes like I usually do, but sadly, Splatterhouse has literally gotten no love aside from virt's TERRORMASK, which is... interesting, but definitely NOT what you're looking for. Hell, the new Splatterhouse remake has more remixes than the old-school version.

I would definitely like to hear more proper remixes of the original Splatterhouse. Someone needs to take this stuff on!

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