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Wanted: Remixer and singer!


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Now, I can't remix, but I CAN write lyrics to video game tunes. This one is particular is a Boss Theme from Smash Bros. Brawl, sung from the point of view of either Master Hand or Crazy Hand, your choice. Here's the recording I wrote the lyrics to (

), and here are the lyrics:

"0:12 - Just waiting here,

Ready to fight,

Blood on my hands,

Yet no oppenents in si-ight!

0:24 - Waiting for months,

Soon it has been years,

I've wasted my life,

Just sitting waiting here.

0:54 Ooooooooooooooooh...

1:17 - Thrills I get

With a fist to their face

And the life slowly exit-ing

Though they're not dead yet

2:03 - Losing my mind,

I don't want to live life,

Just wanna kill someone,

In an eternal strife.

2:15 - Losing my mind,

Can't take it anymore,

Slowly becoming weak,

Dying down in my core!

(Let's just say that the song loops at this point, for the sake of this last line I wrote)

0:12 - Giving it up,

Can't take it anymore,

Wounded all around,

This hand can't take it anymore!"

This is planned as a submission for BadAss 2, and needs to be finished by December 1st.

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