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Final Fantasy Battle Megamix

DarK PurPLe

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Greetings fellow remixers!

Here is a medley I have been working on for a LONG time (started in 2004-ish...) and I finally called it done tonight, and hoping for comments and hopefully you will listen, download and add it to your favorite Final Fantasy playlist!

I am not submitting it to OCR judges because it is obviously a medley.

First off, here is the link to listen/download on SoundCloud:


And here is some background info:

Mix is about 95% sequenced by ear and by hand. I used MIDI files very seldom for some very tricky segments, specifically the very last battle theme before the ending. Otherwise it's all home-baked.

Made using Reason+Record on Macbook. Orchestral instruments, percussions, and choir voices all from Miroslav orchestral suite (well-worth the investment; huge bank of fantastic samples for less than $200)

All comments welcome, either here or on the post. Cheers!

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I like how you arranged the song. Most transitions feel pretty natural despite the medley-ish nature of the mix.

Only criticism I have is the sound of the kick drum. Since you worked on the song for quite a while I'm guessing this is the sound you wanted but I feel it is a bit too short and high-pitched.

I also think some distortion guitar would enhance the mix (listening to the song a bit better I think there is one in some sections, it should be louder). FF battle themes are usually pretty suited for distortion guitars!

Anyway, very nice effort!

EDIT: Also forgot to comment that the ending is really amazing. You could even expand it into an independent mix.

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Hey thanks a lot for your comments. The kick is purposely a little high and short because I wanted to leave plenty of room for the bass guitar and lower instruments like the contrabass and trombones. Just a little sacrifice made for the good of the whole, I guess...

I would love to have more distortion guitar but I didn't have a session musician on hand, and it is so awkward to try to make a sampler guitar sound natural. I did try to get a little bit of a lead into the FF VIII intro with some variations on the original melody.

Thanks again!

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