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  1. Did anyone claim Overworld after me? I still have a WIP sitting on my computer. I figure I can finish it lol.
  2. Nice to see this pretty old mix getting posted! If only you guys would post my Paper Mario one sometime it'd be nice too haha. At timaeus, I have read some jazz theory but I don't know that much about it haha, I just try to apply the little I know.
  3. I love this remix, one of the best of the FFIX album for sure. Arrangement's just insane.
  4. In terms of arrangement this is pretty much the original source with some cool guitar licks here and there (section at 1:58 being the standout). Despite that, the remix sounds pretty good. Guitar playing is nice and the mix is energetic. I like it!
  5. With a game this good I'm sure there are better topics of conversation than the Zelda timeline. I reached Zora's Domain today. Journey was rough but really good.
  6. I've played some hours this weekend (around 12?) and the game is simply lovely. It's pure adventure. You set a goal for yourself but get distracted all the time because there are enemy camps, high mountains, people and all kinds of stuff everywhere. I'm not familiar with open worlds but this one is incredible.
  7. I'm on a rough music patch honestly. I really want to make a Danger remix but I simply haven't had ideas. I think it's better for me to drop my claim sadly.
  8. I imagine if Nintendo had cancelled BotW for Wii U the backlash would've been massive. Remember the game was announced at 2014! They could've went with a small delay for the Wii U version but I guess they didn't want to be dicks haha.
  9. Anyone want to help me evolve my Magmar and Electabuzz? I have the items and all, just need a friend to trade back and forth.
  10. Switch is replacing both 3DS and Wii U eventually. They don't want to kill 3DS just yet because it's been performing well and they can develop cheaper games for it. However, stuff like Atlus putting SMTV on it, new FE game being developed for it and Square Enix putting the Bravely Default on Switch (Project Octopath) is a signal that 3DS franchises are making their move to Switch, even if it won't be as quick as some people hoped for. In any case, I wouldn't be surprised if smaller 3rd parties keep supporting the 3DS for a while. It's sold like 22 million systems on Japan which is a quite good userbase to put games on.
  11. I've been getting more excited about the Switch since the presentation. Bomberman being a launch game really raised my hype since I love that franchise! Other than that I'm also quite excited for Arms and I guess Splatoon 2 will be fun too! Not pumped about the paid online though.
  12. It's just because the system is inconvenient. I always forget to go online if I just want to play a bit single player.
  13. Hope my track does decent... People who know what instruments I don't play should be able to guess which one it is haha.
  14. I'm just before the Fire trial. Trying to decide who to use as my Fire Pokémon. Most of my options have a typing clash with another member of my team so I'm unsure. I'd pick Magby but I'm not sure if I can get Magmortar before the E4.
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