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  1. There’s a mistake in the writeup post, what I said in the submission was: “For better results I recruited Hakstok to play bass and Lucas to play brass. Lucas then, in turn, contacted Gamer of the Winds for the woodwinds and that ended up forming a pretty neat team!” Somehow it got copypasted wrong in the writeup!
  2. I started the arrangement with a jazz fusion style on my mind, but prog rock started winning as I added more sections. I’ll take a look at the piano tone the judges mentioned. I’m using NI’s “The Giant” which has a variety of possible sounds, but I’m intentionally tweaking it for an aggressive and bright sound. I probably overdid it haha.
  3. Featured again hehe, nice! I see some judges weren’t that fond of the synths but what can I say, I love ‘em. Jazz-ish stuff with synths is dope in my book.
  4. Nice to be back on the front page after a while! Thanks to my collabers for their great performances on this. For those who read the write up, I strongly recommend the Frost* original song that inspired this remix, it’s phenomenal... as is Frost*’s music in general.
  5. I actually do it a little different from what's been shared here. I tend to start by trying to figure out the bass (the root notes at least) and from there get the chord progression and key of the song. In my opinion, you get a lot of useful information from a song from just this. Melody is important of course, but a ton of VGM songs tend to play around the chord notes so, once you know the chords, the melody comes easy. When it comes to actually writing a remix, I tend to learn the song and then just sit down and improvise. It helps if you have a predefined idea, like, "make a metal cover", but usually just playing around with the melodies and chords is enough to trigger some inspiration.
  6. I've uploaded 2 more tracks since my original post, hope you like 'em: #6. Castle - Pre-Boss #7. Castle - Boss Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. This one: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR04084
  8. I did play it actually! I even made a remix for the OCR album. It's one of my favorites and I hope it gets ported to modern consoles at some point.
  9. Thanks! Umm... the premise? Well, in terms of gameplay I imagine a precise action platformer kinda like if Celeste and Mega Man Zero had a baby. In terms of plot, I imagine the game would kinda reveal the details slowly but at the beggining your character wakes up in a prison, they find a weird pendant/thing that speaks to them and gives them powers that let them escape the prison. Outside, they find the people have been "stopped" (I imagine something like everyone looks like a lifeless husk, lacking their soul or something like that) and head to a nearby castle to find the people that were responsible for it and see if they can save the people. More shenanigans would happen later ofc, with plot twists and stuff haha.
  10. Hey! I haven't posted here in a long time... Anyways, I recently started a project of making my own OST for a game that doesn't exist (ideas exist in my mind but I'll likely never do it haha). So far I've uploaded 5 tracks: #1. Intro - Meant to play alongside some intro cutscene of sorts, maybe with some battle and the aftermath. #2. Menu - Meant to be funky menu music. #3. Prison - Meant to play on the introductory level, which takes place in a creepy prison, hence the music being calm and somewhat eerie. #4. Prison Boss - Meant to play when you battle the Prison's guardian. #5. Castle: Garden - Meant to play on the first proper level, so it's adventurous and fast paced (mostly). Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated, though the mixing and production aren't meant to be super polished as I'd rather compose tracks than produce them at the moment.
  11. Did anyone claim Overworld after me? I still have a WIP sitting on my computer. I figure I can finish it lol.
  12. Nice to see this pretty old mix getting posted! If only you guys would post my Paper Mario one sometime it'd be nice too haha. At timaeus, I have read some jazz theory but I don't know that much about it haha, I just try to apply the little I know.
  13. I love this remix, one of the best of the FFIX album for sure. Arrangement's just insane.
  14. In terms of arrangement this is pretty much the original source with some cool guitar licks here and there (section at 1:58 being the standout). Despite that, the remix sounds pretty good. Guitar playing is nice and the mix is energetic. I like it!
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