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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Royal Treasure

Xenon Odyssey

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As of today (or yesterday or something), this has been in the queue for one whole year! And that's lame to keep it locked up like that, so here it is!

Zelda's Theme, some bastardization of orchestral and chiptunes. Maybe qualifies as 9-bit? Probably not; my productions skills are pretty horrible.

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Definitely the only things that I found to be truly jarring were the sweeps at the beginning and at 2:30. They're just really excessive.

The entire introductory sequence until 0:27 should be reworked; it's a tad jumpy and it doesn't transition well into the next part.

At 1:30 a wood hit comes in on the right. Maybe you could add a chorus affect to that, or layer it, because it sounds weak and empty--especially when it gets drowned out by the following section(s). Since this is orchestral, I think it would be more fitting if it sounded like a bunch of people hitting the wood, a la traditional Japanese percussive music.

Lastly, I thought you could have extended the sections at 6:27 a bit more--it comes in and out too quickly.

Excellent work overall though! Everything that I didn't mention seems to be perfect :)

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