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Ninja Gaiden/Ocarina of Time Remix: Ninja Ganon


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So, I've submitted this to the judges a couple times and it's been turned down both times, so I decided to just completely rework it from the ground up, keeping only the same arrangement structure. So here's my newest and, hopefully, finished version. I'm posting it here to get ideas on whether there's anything you guys think I can do to push it up to being an OCR-Worthy track, if you don't already think it is...




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The very first seconds of the intro are very promising, but then the snare that comes in is terrible - too loud and too deep in pitch.

From 0:43 it's too loud, or the compression too intense - the punchiness of the drums drowns in everything else. The dubstep wub from 1:09 is badly out of tune at times. The flute from 1:40 is very dull and unnatural.

The arrangement and combination of the two themes is very nice, I think, aside from a few note clashes here and there, especially between the flute and the rest

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