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  1. Just wanted to say I got the FC3A a few weeks later, and it's everything I could have hoped for. The pedal springs back just like a sustain pedal would, the signal is clear and noise-free, and it doesn't need calibrating very often. Thanks again for the tip, mister!
  2. Oh, you were serious about "the umpteenth time"? Haha, I thought that was a placeholder... it sounds a little subjective, don't you think? "Its energy source" works better, yes. I was actually thinking there'd be a way to work the first paragraph into the bio, but later in it... and I tried to reword it, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be: Eh, I'm not completely happy with this, either. Perhaps your version was better, what do you think?
  3. Sorry for the wait, Reading it again now, it really feels like the second paragraph is just a parenthesis and that the bio is really about Mario. This is really just how I feel about it though, knowing Mario that much better than Rosalina (despite recently having a sitdown with the first hour or so of the game), but I'd still like to make Mario the parenthesis and let Rosalina shine in the first paragraph by leaving a brighter star (Mario) out of scope until later. Haha, interesting choice of words... Yes, I think that would be a good idea. I'm not sure exactly how to w
  4. Reading this all through now makes me feel like the first paragraph detracts unnecessarily from the character at hand. I feel like the entire second paragraph reads fine without the first, and puts Rosalina in the spotlight. The first paragraph would have to be rewritten to fit between the second and the third, though. Does it seem like too much work? I can give it a try, in that case.
  5. Me too. It also sounds like something you'd write Let's pick that one.
  6. The reason is convenience - I only use the pedal briefly and putting the pedal back off "manually" is inconvenient and unlike every other pedal I've used, including hi-hat and kick pedals on drums, the pedals in a car, and the pedals on a piano. I never learned to use an expression pedal and I don't like using it, so I want a pedal that feels like what I'm used to but that still has "continuous control", as in the FC3 case. It'll be a few weeks before I get mine in the mail (shipping from Japan, bleh), but again, FC3 seems to be just what I'm looking for, so thanks. Depends on how you
  7. Okay, but I'd like to avoid getting off-track, and if adding the reiteration is necessary to do that, then I think it should be added, unless we can figure out a way to rephrase things. Hm, is "at the observatory" correct when the observatory is a spaceship, as opposed to an observatory in a fixed position on the ground? What if it was a naval vessel, for instance? On the other hand, "on the observatory" also sounds a little odd. Does it come down to what the Comet Observatory actually is, an observatory, or a ship? And on that note, is it an observatory for (watching) comets, or an obser
  8. It is, a Korg microKontrol. The keyboard only has one pedal input, and it's for sustain pedals (mono plug). I mostly use it for vibrato on single notes, or toward the end of the note, especially for synth leads or synth bass. That's why I want a pedal. Well, I'm a keyboard player, and I do. I find non-springback mod wheels about as useful as non-springback keyboard keys or non-springback clutch pedals. Thanks for mentioning the FC3 - I did some research and "continuous sustain" seems to just what I'm looking for! The FC3 has the same kind of connector (s
  9. Nice, do it. Does it? Hm. "... from which she gazes upon myriad galaxies, and where she raises little star babies..." makes a long sentence, and "from which she gazes upon myriad galaxies. She raises little star babies..." disconnects the two sentences a little too much... Does "... from which she gazes upon myriad galaxies. Here, she raises little star babies..." change the location from the galaxies to the observatory? "... from which she gazes upon myriad galaxies. At the observatory, she raises little star babies..."? I'm just throwing a few ideas out. No, it's fine, I thi
  10. Me too, I'm curious what it is that makes this a security issue. Thanks for getting back about it, though.
  11. Glad to be back, I just hope I can stay here for long enough this time! Yes, let's go with that. Oh, okay. No, keep it as is. That's true, I felt like I forgot who I was reading about several times already. What about "and other astronomical/celestial objects"? Oh, you already used "celestial body" in the previous sentence. Can you think of another equivalent? I just think "and more" sounds like a semi-uninspired sales pitch, somehow. In order to bring more focus on Rosalina, maybe we can change the actor of the previous sentence: "... from which she gazes upon myr
  12. I bought this Yamaha FC7, a well-spoken-of expression pedal, that I've hooked up to my computer using this: http://www.audiofront.net/MIDIExpression.phpThis works okay, but the signal from the pedal is noisy, it needs calibrating every time I restart my computer, and the built-in spring only kicks in at the very end of the range, where the signal is even more noisy (I've checked, the noisy signal comes from the pedal, not the MIDI Expression USB thing). I've tried to create my own "spring" by inserting plastic foam, but it wears out quickly and doesn't spring back reliably anyway. I also don't
  13. Yeah, me either, my toolbar looks like yours. @Liontamer, where, relative to the "Bold" button is the "Source" button supposed to be? I'll have to assume it shows up on your machine.
  14. Hey Polo, thanks for sticking around! I'd agree everyone should already know who Bowser is, but I still think this would read better if he was given some... attribute or title before the name. Like "the evil dinosaur Bowser" or so. I'm not really used to the word "Mama" in this context. I'm curious - how come you picked this word over "mother", for instance? Am I missing a nuance here, or does it simply go better with "adoptive"? Is there a spoiler here? Maybe we can flesh out "and more" a little without actually revealing anything? I think it should be "levitat
  15. I can no longer find an "upper left icon in the posting container". I haven't been around much lately, so I have no idea when this happened, but it's very inconvenient. Why would you remove a feature like that?
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