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FF7 - Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet


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Here is my remix for FF7 - Can you hear the cry of the planet.

Still new to mixing, tracking, etc... Just wondering what everyone thinks of my first submission. Drums are done with Superior Drummer 2. Any pointers on how to clean up the mix would be greatly appreciated!



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I like how heavy you made this remix. It's one of my favorite theme in FF7 and even if I'm not a metal fan, I think you nailed it.

However, and this is only my point of view, I suggest that you could raise the sound of the keyboard a little bit (I guess it's keyboard in the background, I'm not sure what it is) since the guitars and the drum are pretty loud.

nice WIP and nice solo by the way.

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Same here, I'm not a fan of metal, but this is very nicely done. I'm not too experienced with mastering or production yet, but nothing stood out to me as a problem. Maybe some more activity in the drums?

Listening to it again, I can tell the drums are actually doing a ton, but I'm having a little trouble hearing them... maybe bring up the bass kick a little with an EQ?

Overall, it sounds great, I hope there's more on the way! And welcome!

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