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  1. I don't know what I did to deserve that trailer, but I hope I can figure it out so I can do it again.
  2. I don't have the knowhow to give any technical feedback, but I think this is fantastic. I'd like to formally request some Animal Crossing tunes with the same treatment!
  3. So good! Very cool. Yeah, I think a little bit of production tweaking is the main improvement to made here, the volume levels on a few things could be jiving a little better, but overall, this is fantastic.
  4. Argle's post is slipping down the forums because nobody has played Donkey Kong Land? I don't think so! Preemptive bump powers: Activate! It's fun to find a thematic direction in those 8-bit sounds. Right from the get-go this one smells not at all unlike Daft Punk to me. Very, very nice job.
  5. Ah, all good points! Thank you very much! I agree the bass could benefit from some better EQ'ing for sure. I'd like the bass to have this (bit that starts at 0:17) feel to it. More interesting sounds, better bass. More interesting drums, too. I'm on it. What I have so far is definitely not much more than a start, I'll keep at it. Yeah, for such a short loop, the "invincible" source really does work well as a foundation for putting all kinds of stuff over the top of it. I can hear to that chorus twice thinking I've only heard it once, it's very easy to listen to.
  6. Remix on SoundCloud I couldn't help taking a crack at this song after being reminded of it by killingpepsi's remix a few days ago.
  7. You're doing it again. You're making me wish I knew how to do this type of stuff. Excellent, as usual, dude.
  8. Dang.... this is cool. It's mellow and understated, yet creative and bold! Like a good...um....cake.... or coffee.... or something. Finally someone else who acknowledges the sheer awesomeness that is those accompaniment chords to the Starman theme. If it wasn't for Sticker Star I would think Nintendo had some kind of secret plan to never use that expanded version of the song ever again.
  9. I'm always ready to be pleased with a Metal Man rendition, and this one surprised me right from the start. Very nice! The only suggestion I think I could make is that the slowdown at the end, while it is the perfect way to end this remix, (and is also pretty unexpected, in keeping with the rest of the track) it seemed a little bit rushed to me. It might sound smoother if you put the breaks on a little bit more gradually.
  10. Dude, nice. I started playing sections of the old and new version back to back, trying to figure out what exactly it was that you changed. I'm not quite able to pick it out, is it just some settings with the compressor? The new version sounds much more professional. Seriously, very, very nice. I think listening to this inspired me to have a better day.
  11. Awesome rendition. Was that supposed to be like... a metaphor for the way Kirby games always go from "bouncy and happy" to "crazy and gritty"? Very, very cool. The world will never have too many Kirby remixes.
  12. I'm kind of relieved that the world isn't over yet, mainly because I haven't gotten to play New Super Mario Bros. U, yet, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting it for Christmas.
  13. Dude, this is very good. It has a very clean sound to it, the notes are clear and straightforward, and it makes it sound satisfying and deliberate. The fact that there's not much reverb stood out to me a little. With the overall synthetic sound the remix has, that's actually totally fine, but some added reverb to a couple instruments might give it a slightly different sound. Not better, just different. My brain at 2:56 : "DudethatsoundslikeEarthbound!!" At the end, does the piano start out quiet and then fade in as everything else fades out? I think that may be making it sound a little bit abrupt, to me.
  14. I'd say this is even frostier than the original. Very, very good! If there are any improvements to be made here, I'm not seein' em. This is excellent.
  15. What's that? Remix a David Wise track from an NES game I've never heard of? Sounds like fun! Here's what I've got so far. I'm interested to hear what Kanohi comes up with, maybe somebody else will pitch in too and we'll have all three.
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