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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Fate to Despair


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This is awesome man! I've been working my way through all the modes of CotM over the past couple weeks or so, I'm about halfway through the fighter right now (SO CLOSE to getting thief mode, my favorite :D )

That intro is reeaaaaallllyyy awkward, the 3 seconds of chip interrupted by the harp... I don't really think the chip part needs to be there.

The flute in the beginning has some articulation issues, it sounds odd in spots. Individual notes are fine, but the movement sounds strange at times, usually in the lower register of the notes it's playing because of the envelope. Play with altering the starting points slightly so that the end of one note fades into the beginning of the next a little better

The brass is awesome when it first comes in, but there's hardly any transition into 1:15. It's really surprising, in a bad way. I think a suspended cymbal roll would really facilitate things, and maybe a crescendoed snare drum roll (which brings me to my next point)

The percussion feels pretty sparse with just timpani, some snare drum would definitely add some depth, maybe some concert bass drum and chimes too. Cymbals and gongs would be great for articulating certain spots as well

I think the string articulation in the transition at 1:26 is also a little weird sounding, really dry and mechanical. The horns at 1:36 are a little blatty for the dynamic they're playing too, it sounds like you have a high end library that responds to differing velocities, and that would be a great spot to take advantage of lower velocities (might need to automate volume to get them up to the volume they were at with the higher velocity).

The ending's also pretty abrupt, but I'm not sure of your intention with the piece, so I'll leave that alone for now :P

Awesome start dude

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If listen to the majority of my songs I always put the intro "chip" in all of my songs. Also thanks for all of your feedback. I have taking it all in consideration. I didn't use snares since the original track had only Timpani's and cymbals. I do agree that my remix could use some cymbals and rolls. The of the song was intentional. I left it like that on purpose.

Thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed my remix. The game is great as well.

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