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Clan of the Gray Wolf SNES Marathon for Charity

Jax Mandrake

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Dear friends, the Clan of the Gray Wolf (home of such things as 16-Bit Gems and Weekly Wringer) is currently playing Super NES games in a 60-hour marathon benefiting the V Foundation for cancer research.

I'm just posting here to help spread the word. I'd donate (admittedly to get some of the swag they're promoting) but I have no money.

Join the fun at clanofthegraywolf.com. While you're there, if you haven't watched 16-Bit Gems at the very least, you should find something there to enjoy. I think of it as proof that not all video game review shows on the youtubes have to be AVGN or Zero Punctuation to be entertaining.

BTW I think this marathon is also streaming on YouTube if you don't want to explore a website with which you are unfamiliar.

UPDATE: The marathon has closed and the Clan of the Gray Wolf has met their $20,000 donation goal. If anybody who took a peek at this message watched, donated, mentioned it on facebook or enjoyed any of it, I'm sure they and the V Foundation are quite thankful to you.

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