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Moonlit World (FF VI - Dark World)


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Working on a solo piano arrangement of Dark World.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UCvWWym74s

It's a piece with very little melodic material. The atmosphere however is great. There are also some interesting chords I tried to take advantage of.

Went for a 6/8-mixed-with-4/4-style instead of plain 4/4. Tried expanding on the theme a bit, as it's quite short as well.

WIP: https://soundcloud.com/zoned-music/moonlit-world-wip

I record directly in a single take, so the playing is far from "perfect". :P

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Well, since I happen to play piano...

I really like the chords you have going on there. Lots of suspensions split between the left and right hand, and cool mode shifts (like at 1:04).

The arpeggio at 1:09 might be a bit weird. Try listening to it a few times to see if you can write new notes for just that part, to make it less sad and disjointed, because it feels like it should be uplifting there, but the writing didn't reflect that right there.

2:55 sounds dissonant in the wrong way. The notes are dissonant, but it doesn't fall under a conventional dissonance that I know of.

3:08 as well, but I can kinda hear what you're going for. There's a dissonance that could work there, but right now the intervals are making chords that are slightly off from the "just right" chords. Or maybe the wrong notes are being emphasized. I was told once that playing something bad with the right emphases can make it sound less bad. :P

That's pretty good so far, lots of great change-ups, and I wasn't bored.

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