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DJ Liquid Neon all my mixes online / does anyone have this remix?

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Hello OCR Crew, long time no see

Firstly id like to let you all know that aside from the 4 remixes i have listed on OCR there are about 76 more that never got submitted to or listed on OCR. I have now uploaded most of these to my new YouTube channel, there will be a few more coming soon once i create the artwork videos.

I decided to upload these as i recently had a hard-drive failure and lost a great deal of data, i did manage to recover almost all my remixes bar a couple but in case this happens again ive started putting them up online as a backup

I did however lose the sources to ALL of my remixes and almost all of my samples (seriously crying )

Unfortunately i have lost one of my old remixes permanently and i am hoping that someone may have a copy of it floating around somewhere.

The song im trying to locate is

Secret of Mana & 007 Goldeneye - The Likeness Of Death.mp3

If anyone has a copy of this please let me know/email it to me as it was one of my old favorites and i kinda want it back. Im just gutted that a few others never left my PC so they are gone forever, this one however was listed in a few places as well as uploaded to my website back when i had it so im hoping someone has it somewhere.

Also please feel free to post feedback/comments etc on any of my tunes here or on youtube, and yes some of these are probably quite dated now i havent done a remix in a few years or so :P

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLiquidRemix

DJ Liquid Neon

aka Neonic Rayne

aka DJ Pheonix

aka Epoch

One day i will settle on an alias permanently :P

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