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Bastion - Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) - ReQuest may be in bad taste...


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I recently purchased the Bastion soundtrack in a Steam Sale and found myself singing "Build That Wall" at work one day. One of my co-workers, who is a bit racially sensitive, wanted to know why I was singing "Negro Spiritual." (I'll leave the rest of the story out, for it gets really bad after that.)

Anyway, that got me thinking about a ReMix. Specifically, a Negro Spiritual version of "Build That Wall." Something along the lines of what was heard on the O' Brother soundtrack where it is just a group of men singing while someone keeps time either by clapping or (and this is where my ReQuest ventures into being in bad taste) by the collective sound of hammers hitting nails.

It could sound amazing, if a bit controversial. Is there anyone in this community brave enough to attempt it?

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