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  1. I recently purchased the Bastion soundtrack in a Steam Sale and found myself singing "Build That Wall" at work one day. One of my co-workers, who is a bit racially sensitive, wanted to know why I was singing "Negro Spiritual." (I'll leave the rest of the story out, for it gets really bad after that.) Anyway, that got me thinking about a ReMix. Specifically, a Negro Spiritual version of "Build That Wall." Something along the lines of what was heard on the O' Brother soundtrack where it is just a group of men singing while someone keeps time either by clapping or (and this is where my ReQuest ventures into being in bad taste) by the collective sound of hammers hitting nails. It could sound amazing, if a bit controversial. Is there anyone in this community brave enough to attempt it?
  2. Who said anything about a sound upgrade? I said the "OCR treatment," which could mean a lot of things, like a genre switch or an emphasis on the cheesy nature of the song that turns it into a comedy track. That's what I mean when I said the OCR treatment would make that track better than it is now.
  3. Okay, I'll grant you that, since there are some 90s power ballads that are, indeed, untouchable. But that song NEEDS some OCR treatment and can only get better as a result.
  4. If anyone does a ReMix to Sam & Max: Hit the Road, especially the song or " ," you will have my unbridled love forever...Then again, I'd love to see if anyone on OCR can do a better version of "Girl in the Tower" from King's Quest 6...
  5. I found a list of all the vocal songs in the Sonic Franchise to date. Any other songs on that list you fancy yourself singing an OCR version?
  6. Yeah, I figure it is about time I stop lurking and actually pipe up when it comes time to do so.

  7. Hey! Cool to see you posting around here!

  8. I was never really a part of the Atari forums. At least, I don't think I was. All I remember is that when I found RCT3, the Atari forums were dead or dying as a source of knowledge and information for what I wanted to do at the time, which was fireworks shows.

  9. Hey I just watched your RCT3 video - takes me back! I used to love that game. I did some music videos using it back in the day (DarkS1m on YouTube), were you ever on the Atari forums?

  10. I am probably in the minority, but I love it whenever OCR posts a ReMix with lyrics. However, I find it upsetting that the only Sonic Adventure song that has been covered is Knuckle's theme. Sonic Generations introduced a remix of a Sonic Adventure song, which prompted me to look into the rest of the catalog. (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REpxeaWRCTo ) So why not give Sonic's Theme the same treatment with that famous OCR twist? (Link: )Or maybe try something obscure and slightly rare, like a country version of Big the Cat's theme? Come to think of it, has anyone here attempted country music as a genre? (Link: )Or maybe a version of Amy's theme that doesn't sound like it belongs in a strip club? (Link: )Or a version of Eggman's lyrical theme that doesn't flat out make me cringe? (Link: )Okay, so maybe I'm asking for covers, but I love it when OCR posts ReMixes with lyrics and vocal work. So much so that I have a playlist dedicated to collecting all those tracks I download from the site. (Current count: 146 tracks; 10.2 hrs) So more in general would be great, but showing these songs some love would also be awesome! Thanks in advance to anyone that takes up this request! EDIT So there's this wiki list I found with all the Sonic Songs to date, including the ones remixed for Sonic Generations. (Link: http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_songs) I've listen through a couple of the other titles that book end the Sonic Adventures, and I'm slightly even more upset that only two of those themes have received the OCR treatment from those who do vocal and lyrical work! Knuckle's and Silver's themes. What about Shadow's themes? Any one of them would be interesting to hear what the OCR community is capable of doing with them outside of the Rock and Metal genre. Then there's the Team Chaotix theme from Sonic Heroes (Link: ). On that YouTube page alone, someone suggested to turn that theme into a TV show intro a la NCSI or a similar crime show drama. Frankly, I'd like to hear it as a Stadium Crowd Pep Song given the lyrics.And how come nobody has tackled Sonic Boom from the Sega CD title yet? There's already a track for Stardust Speedway, and it's using the Japanese soundtrack as the source! Why not give the US localization song some love as well?
  11. Hello everyone. I'm the new guy here for the time being. I've been a fan of OCR for quite some time now. Going buy my iTunes "Date Added" sorting, I'd estimate around 2008 or 2009 was when I first discovered the site, though it could be longer since I've seen at least three redesigns of the site. I thought I'd finally join the forums so I can post when provoked. I hope this community is a welcoming one.
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