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Sonic 3 - Carnival Night on Piano Arrangement


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So I'm writing a track for the SonicStadium's annual album of sonic remixes, and I managed to scrape together a track on the last few days.

I'm used to trying to record off the piano sound my keyboard produces (Casio CTK-900) but it's generally rubbish. GB doesnt have amazing samples either, so I've had to play around with the stock sounds and try and add effects to make up for it's shortcomings.

How do others record their piano parts? (I dont have the money to mike up a grand piano as much as I'd like to :D).

Also, would love some feedback on the track if possible. It's nothing huge, and the piano was all one take (as you can probably tell towards the end my timing lapsed..). I'd love to expand the song over what I've already written if any of it is worth salvaging? Could do with more fleshing out maybe?


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