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ADX and Grandia


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Understanding ADX

Hey everyone!

Been a while since my last post, but I've returned with a question about ADX that has me a bit baffled. This is specifically in regards to its use for the Sega Saturn/Playstation game Grandia.

From what I understand the wiki about ADX is that it is possible to create a loop point within a track that could continue its loop until some condition is met to continue/mute/or change the track. If this is true, then what is happening in the following scene is this in action:

(Starting at 1:35)

What's happening here is a loop of pizzicato strings from the orchestral track, "Ghost Ship Theme", which then moves on to the next segment of the track @ 2:38 (clarino register clarinet). When the player moves to a lower level of the ship after this room, the music (5:28) returns back to the segment opening that was used upon entering the ghost ship @ 2:38, then looping the pizz. strings once again until the player leaves the floor. As the player progresses, so does the "Ghost Ship Theme". Of course, there are transitions that don't occur in these, or any, scenes--such as the ghoulish tone bending laughter in the strings during the track @ 0:39-0:42.

Here's the "Ghost Ship Theme" to get an idea of how it progresses in the game's respective soundtrack:

Grandia - Ghost Ship Theme***

If what I am understanding as how ADX works is true, then all of this makes sense and I can use it in my paper with confidence. If not...then I'll have to postpone adding this information until I get a better grasp on what's happening with the recording orchestral track. If it is true, again, then that would make sense why the soundtrack's have grouped together some of these fragmented/whole pieces/themes in a single track, such as in the track "Garlyle" and "Four Volley Rounds of Tension".

***This "Ghost Ship Theme" used in the game and the soundtrack is a live recording of an orchestra, and the reason why I'm curious as to how this works in game.

I appreciate any and all help from anyone who knows how ADX works...

If you're curious on why I'm writing a paper on Grandia, just shoot me a PM and I'll explain in detail this extreme--borderline obsession--curiosity with Grandia and it's use of music. Thanks everyone again! (also, if this is in the wrong thread...sorry!)

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