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  1. A pleasant set of variations! Good job. Out of curiosity, is this notated in a score writer, such as Finale/Sibelius/MuseScore?
  2. Understanding ADX Hey everyone! Been a while since my last post, but I've returned with a question about ADX that has me a bit baffled. This is specifically in regards to its use for the Sega Saturn/Playstation game Grandia. From what I understand the wiki about ADX is that it is possible to create a loop point within a track that could continue its loop until some condition is met to continue/mute/or change the track. If this is true, then what is happening in the following scene is this in action: (Starting at 1:35)What's happening here is a loop of pizzicato strings from the orchestral track, "Ghost Ship Theme", which then moves on to the next segment of the track @ 2:38 (clarino register clarinet). When the player moves to a lower level of the ship after this room, the music (5:28) returns back to the segment opening that was used upon entering the ghost ship @ 2:38, then looping the pizz. strings once again until the player leaves the floor. As the player progresses, so does the "Ghost Ship Theme". Of course, there are transitions that don't occur in these, or any, scenes--such as the ghoulish tone bending laughter in the strings during the track @ 0:39-0:42. Here's the "Ghost Ship Theme" to get an idea of how it progresses in the game's respective soundtrack: Grandia - Ghost Ship Theme*** If what I am understanding as how ADX works is true, then all of this makes sense and I can use it in my paper with confidence. If not...then I'll have to postpone adding this information until I get a better grasp on what's happening with the recording orchestral track. If it is true, again, then that would make sense why the soundtrack's have grouped together some of these fragmented/whole pieces/themes in a single track, such as in the track "Garlyle" and "Four Volley Rounds of Tension". ***This "Ghost Ship Theme" used in the game and the soundtrack is a live recording of an orchestra, and the reason why I'm curious as to how this works in game. I appreciate any and all help from anyone who knows how ADX works... If you're curious on why I'm writing a paper on Grandia, just shoot me a PM and I'll explain in detail this extreme--borderline obsession--curiosity with Grandia and it's use of music. Thanks everyone again! (also, if this is in the wrong thread...sorry!)
  3. Ditto! I'll greatly be looking forward to seeing what new things come in the future for your new project!
  4. Funny you link this, one of my classmates on Facebook linked the very same site and note on it "not fully up to date". I'll go through this...it looks like both info and chuckles.
  5. Hey Everyone, I suppose I'll reintroduce myself (though I've had this account for 2 years now); I'm Rhythmroo (MAG), Hi! I'm starting this thread in hoping that you'll be able to help me out with a genre that I really have little understanding in-that is, Electronica music. I don't have much of a grasp on the origins, sub-genres, and present happenings of this field and would like to be a bit more versed in this field of Music. It doesn't have to be limited to only the music found within this ReMix community, but anything you think I should know that's fairly important about it. I'd really appreciate your help on this topic...thanks
  6. Burning Rangers Music - Angels with Burning Hearts
  7. Johann Sebastian Bach's "Passacaglia And Fugue In C Minor, BWV 582"
  8. I made my decision. I'll be going along the roads of a PC primed for Music Production, pick up FL Studio, Komplete 7, and headphones. Does anyone have a brand of headphones to go with? I've been using sennheiser HD 201, which is literally the first rung of the ladder, so almost anything recommended could probably top these. Thanks everyone.
  9. I see what you mean. Well to let everyone know this is going to be for work. my budget Is going to be around ~$3,000+, so if the price is within that range I'm good to it. I'll look at some software on both platforms when I get a chance. Just to let everyone know as well, I'm familiar with FL Studio, Finale, Sibelius, Soundtrack Pro. In regards to sample packs, any recommendations?
  10. Everyone. I'm going to be in the PC/MAC market this semester to purchasing one or the other for Music Production. I haven't the foggiest clue on what to pick up, and instead of asking the question, "What should I pick up for the best music production duuur", I'd rather ask what are your expereinces for the platform you have chosen for music production. If I read something that hits the mark of what I'm looking for, I'll dive deeper into research about it and see if it's what I like and go ahead and purchase that system. I'm also starting this thread because I really am interested in everyone's opinion on the software/platform they have chosen. Hrm... I think it's fair to just state that I'm looking for something that I'll be able to use orchestral samples on further down the line, but not to the extent of maxing out all my channels. Thanks everyone.
  11. A teacher would be extremely beneficial if you are serious about going back into piano and progressing, but one is not entirely necessary, though recommended for those who don't know anything or getting back into things. Alfred is good only for beginners who are looking to play single melodies with chords and not practicing multi-movement in both hands. What exactly are you looking for anyways? Classical approach? Jazz? A good way to getting your fingers use to a piano's touch and practicing technique is picking up a Hanon 60 exercise book: http://www.amazon.com/Virtuoso-Pianist-60-Exercises-Schirmers/dp/0793525446 If you are confident that you have the hand/back posture, go for that book. It's good for working on accuracy and technique, but it isn't going to make you a genius. That's a start.
  12. Hey thanks so much for the link. Really appreciate it.

  13. I keep forgetting you left me a message on my wall for that Zelda WP, so here it is: http://i39.tinypic.com/2eb92k5.jpg

    Sorry it took so long.

  14. They have the ability to do what I had shown in that image, and I wish they would try something new if they aren't going to do anything else than add MORE Pokemon.
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