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Getsufuu Maden / Konami World / Castlevania SOTN

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It's been quite long since I last attempted vgm. I'm revisiting some of my old tracks (especially the ones that got NO'ed); trying to improve them as much as I can.

This track has been re-written from scratch. Enough with the downbeat chill mixes :). I'm trying to do a Turkish disco this time around upping the rhythm a little. Hope you guys like it and hopefully it will get through the panel this time around. As always, any feedback/suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

'Dancing Spirits'

Download MP3


00:00 - 01:10 - Original Stuff

00:11 - 02:06 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

02:07 - 02:49 - Castlevania - Wandering Ghosts (with some original stuff)

02:50 - 03:14 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

03:15 - 04:09 - Getsufuu Maden - Prologue


(Getsufuu Maden - Overworld - Main Song in my mix)

(Getsufuu Maden - Prologue)

(Castlevania SOTN - Wandering Ghosts)

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