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  1. Hi everyone, It's been years since I've done anything new. Recently, I've been working on a VGM remix that fuses Persona 5's "Beneath the Mask" with Street's of Rage's "Keep the Grrovin". I am looking for someone who can sing "Beneath the Mask" in pretty much the same way as original. Meanwhile, I wrote something original. Unfortunately, it is in foreign language and I apologize to those who can't understand it. It is supposed to scratch that 90's pop-chillout itch. Hope you guys enjoy it
  2. The track is finally finished! Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did recording it 'Never Go Away': Download MP3 Vocals: Claire Yaxley Violins: Chris | Amaterasu Lyrics & Arranged By: Dj Mystix Sources: Metal Gear Solid 'The Best is Yet to Come': Assassin's Creed 2 'Ezio's Family': Assassin's Creed 2: Revelations (Theme): Lyrics: (Not a translation) Dreams of you, so real, so true When holding your hands, I flew.... Stars are bright, the skies are blue I'd love you the whole night through... Near or far, where ever you are, Your love touches me, I feel new... Freeze the time, and make you mine, And always pray, to be with you... Lying to myself, that I could go on, With you on mind, my love would be strong... What will I do, I'm lost without you Crying in my heart, wantin' you You're so far away, but always with me I wander alone, I hope you could see Holding forever, your memories... Makes me smile, sets me free I can't go on, It's been so long How I wish you could hear me say.. You're every thought, you're everything Step in my heart, and never go away... Calling your name, to hold you again It's been so hard, I miss you every day Bring back the time, when you were mine I'm so alone, since you went away I can't go on, It's been so long How I wish you could hear me say.. You're every thought, you're everything Step in my heart, and never go away...
  3. Fantastic remix! I'm very happy to see this on front page. Well deserved! Still love that 1:44-2:11 original piece I'm so stealing it one day. Great work! also, thank you
  4. So it's been too long but we finally have a near finished update: Listen: SoundCloud What remains is vocal harmony and some additional background stuff in some parts. I can't make any more updates to this mix in next couple of months because of being away from my workstation. We hope you like it up to this point. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  5. Good stuff! loved the progression of the track! Very beautiful sounding mix
  6. Thank you for listening! I'm glad you liked it But I wasn't really satisfied with the results so decided to drop the idea and completely redo the entire track from scratch, with a new key that makes more sense with Claire's voice. Here is the new WIP for the track (with my vocals as placeholders for now): DropBox: Instrumental Version Still needs Claire's vocals, Chris's violin pieces, some background stuff and a bit of mixing once everything is in place. Hope we nail it this time
  7. Here's the first draft with Claire's vocals: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3443029/My%20Remixes/WIP/MGSTheBestIsYetToCome/MGS_WIP_Claire2.mp3 Still much to be done.....
  8. Finally got a chance to come back to this track. I've got Claire Yaxley (Vocals) and Chris | Amaterasu (Violins) on board again So far, most of the mix is done except all vocals and violins pieces are placeholders for now until I get input form Claire and Chris. I still need to add more background and support elements. We will be recording this in English lyrics (currently writing and finalizing) Latest WIP: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3443029/My%20Remixes/WIP/MGSTheBestIsYetToCome/MGS_WIP_Claire.mp3 Once again, all choir/aria/vocals/violins are placeholders for now. As always, Any feedback is greatly appreciated
  9. It's been quite long since I last attempted vgm. I'm revisiting some of my old tracks (especially the ones that got NO'ed); trying to improve them as much as I can. This track has been re-written from scratch. Enough with the downbeat chill mixes . I'm trying to do a Turkish disco this time around upping the rhythm a little. Hope you guys like it and hopefully it will get through the panel this time around. As always, any feedback/suggestion will be greatly appreciated. 'Dancing Spirits' Download MP3 Breakdown: 00:00 - 01:10 - Original Stuff 00:11 - 02:06 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld 02:07 - 02:49 - Castlevania - Wandering Ghosts (with some original stuff) 02:50 - 03:14 - Getsufuu Maden - Overworld 03:15 - 04:09 - Getsufuu Maden - Prologue Sources: (Getsufuu Maden - Overworld - Main Song in my mix) (Getsufuu Maden - Prologue) (Castlevania SOTN - Wandering Ghosts)
  10. Fantastic! I'm working on something that is very similar to the style you've chosen so gave me a lot of inspiration Amazing expression on the leads and I always loved your drums skills! Awesome piece!
  11. Pretty amazing is all I have to say. no complains; love it! Your stuff always reminds me of MJ and I can't give a better compliment
  12. Here's the absolute final version of the track with quite a few fixes (timing on violins, strings, vocal "glitches", de-essing, some background stuff re-recorded etc.) Download MP3 [Final Version] Thanks everyone for listening and pointing out all the issues ! Hope you enjoy the track as much as we did making it Just a reminder that YT link still has old audio
  13. Thanks! I'll take care of the humming and snare velocities. I personally feel vocals are great. Them being soft and "sweet" was the requirement of this track Glad you liked it! EDIT: Updated the track with the suggested fixes (Of course YT has same audio as before) Download MP3
  14. Finished at last! Magellanic, Amaterasu and Sabi did a fantastic job making this remix a million times better than what it could've been. We hope you like it 'Just This Once': Download MP3 Vocals: Sabrina Valenzuela Violins: Amaterasu Guitars: Magellanic Sources: ShaHua (Shenmue): Suteki Da Ne (FFX): Toberu Mono (The Last Story):
  15. I finally got some time to sit down and make some progress here. This new wip has Sabrina's finished vocals. I still have to fix a few mixing issues (including vocal harmony). Also left is the live parts (guitar and violin) and some more background stuff. WIP3 (Sabrina's vocals): https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3443029/My%20Remixes/WIP/DjMystix_Remix26_wip4.mp3 Once again, we've tried something different. Instead of an instrumental bridge, we used Sabrina's sweet vocals. Hope you guys like the new wip.
  16. wow! You're telling me that stuff needs "likes" to win? Looks brilliant and super, super cute! should be instant win! (I "liked" it anyway)
  17. No worries :) Sabi also promised to send in the vocals this week. Lemme know whenever you're done.

  18. Hey. In US these days for work related stuff. IncredIbly busy and hardly had any tIme to catch up with personal things. Hope you are doing fantastic :) take care!

  19. I've been soo wanting to remix this for a long time This is the only NES game that has a much better bass instrument than any other NES title. I like your version but it sounds very midi and coverish. I'm assuming you have no plans to submit it on OCR, right? If you do, then I'll add some constructive feedback good stuff
  20. Sounds good to me. Like I said, I am unfamiliar with the source but it really sounds nice. Why don't you run it with Mods first before submitting? You know, just to get more experienced opinion
  21. Fantastic! The source is my second favorite tune from Wild Arms (right after the opening). Really well done! Makes me want to go back and play Wild Arms
  22. would be great if you can link to the source too I am not familiar with the source but I loved this. Excellent synth leads and I also loved the bass. Not sure about that compression/phasing at 1:08 and then at 2:26, It isn't adding anything to the track but rather than a distraction IMO. A little bit of mixing adjustment required here I think, it's sounding like almost at the edge of the highs; leads can come in the front a bit. Overall, it sounds like it can perfectly fit in a 2D side-scroller (not just Jazz, but maybe Sonic too). I think it is a great mix and needs just a little fine tuning before you submit
  23. Wow! I'm super thrilled to know that one of the first things the little one is going to hear is uncle Mystix's tunes Incredibly honored Claire! and many, many congratulations! also, thank you for the kind words Thank you! will be doing that soon EDIT: Done! Sealed and submitted! Changing the status back to 'Finished'
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