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Song of Storms (Zelda, Ocarina of Time)

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I don't really like it. I don't really feel any sense of tension, progression or resolution.

I would continually increase the speed of the glockenspiel at the intro and not step by step.

At 0:45, after the drum roll, there needs too be some kind of cymbal and through the rest of the song some percussion.

But I have to say, the quality is very good and the stereo mixing is well done.

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Not bad for your first.

The orchestra and choir are very fake though, and the arrangement doesn't stray very far from the original other than 1:24 or areas like that, which is pretty minimalistic.

The intro takes too long to lead into the main sections. I would have halved the length of the intro and put more of a progressive instrumentation, as well as reverb on the glock.

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