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Must listen: Twilight Symphony from Zelda Reorchestrated


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I did a forum search here, and I was pretty shocked to see that nobody here seems to have discussed Zelda Reorchestrated's Twilight Symphony since sometime in 2011. It's a three and a half hour long reorchestrated version of the Twilight Princess soundtrack. ZREO released a couple thousand limited edition copies back in November 2012 (after which point it went up on torrent sites), and they originally planned to market digital copies with Nintendo's blessing, but that fell through as of April I believe. Now, their website is going to be shut down for good on June 12.

Since their marketing plans fell through, the ZREO site is encouraging people to download a copy of their magnum opus to enjoy what they've been working on for so long. I have nothing to do with the project, but I feel terrible for them that so few people seem to actually know about their work outside of the hardcore Zelda fanbase: Twilight Symphony is a complete masterpiece that far exceeds their earlier efforts, and I really think it deserves a lot more attention from the game remix community as a whole.

I'm nowhere near as critical as many of the musically educated people here, but the production values on Twilight Symphony seem top notch, and the arrangement quality seems consistently excellent throughout the entire three and a half hour long album. They even took some OC ReMix-like liberties with the source material. I never really appreciated the Twilight Symphony soundtrack all that much in the past, but this is just beautiful, and it's heartbreaking to see ZREO go out with so little fanfare and recognition for their completed final work. (Just check out how few views their Youtube videos have...ugh!)

Anyway, I'm hoping to spread a bit more awareness for Twilight Symphony in ZREO's final days, and I strongly encourage everyone here to check it out! Here's a Youtube link to a video they put up from the opening track:

...and here's a time lapse video of their charcoal album art being created:

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