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  1. My current TV can operate in 120Hz without any frame interpolation. Instead, interpolation is a menu option (defaults to "on" unfortunately). Without interpolation, a 60Hz source has each frame simply repeated twice, a 30FPS source has each frame repeated four times, and a 24FPS source has each frame repeated 5 times. (Technically, I'm not sure whether the refresh rate is slightly lower than 120Hz or whether 29.97FPS NTSC and 59.94FPS ATSC are very slightly sped up, but whatever.) 120Hz+ TV's are the only ones that can play 24FPS film sources back correctly. 60Hz TV's still have to do a pr
  2. I hesitate to even write anything else after noiseordinance's poignant post, but something he (she?) said made me come to a sudden realization about Balance and Ruin: The vocals are fantastic in every song that has them. When it comes to video game music remixes, I usually consider English-language vocals to be a distraction on average and a cringe-inducing dealbreaker at worst. There have been exceptions in the past where I've enjoyed them, but most of the time English lyrics impose a foreign meaning on the song that I don't associate with the underlying music, or they seem too trite or sha
  3. Someone mentioned Final Fantasy VIII, which reminds me... Anyone else get a cool "Lunatic Pandora" vibe from parts of Flexstyle's "13th Floor Demonstration (The Magic House)" mix?
  4. You might already know this, but if the relative volume levels of tracks within an album bother you, you can run a ReplayGain implementation on it (specifically mp3gain if you're using mp3's) to embed metadata into each track, then set your player to follow its track-gain settings. This will set a consistent average volume level for each track. It's better to use album-gain when the relative volumes within an album are appropriate, especially if you're listening to something with gapless playback like classical or Pink Floyd, but track-gain is good for radio-style individual song playback, c
  5. zircon, thanks for your thoughtful and extended response! I'm going to expand on some of my earlier comments, since we seem to agree on more than I let on earlier. I'll bold my core argument so it's not lost in the sea of exposition. On the level of individual tracks, I totally agree with you that Balance and Ruin sets a new standard: The quality control was excellent, and you and McVaffe both deserve a great deal of credit for that. Thank you also for elaborating on the things you and McVaffe did to unify the album. I mentioned before that a lot does "happens to work together well," and i
  6. This thread has been enthusiastic and positive for the most part, so I hope I'm not out of line posting some constructive criticism. If there's any real problem with Balance and Ruin, it's a shortcoming shared by most OC ReMix albums: It suffers from a lack of overall creative direction and vision. Taken individually, the vast majority of pieces are gorgeous and eminently replayable, and I think this album has produced the most "five star" tracks yet...but taken together, I can't help but think the overall structure is somewhat disorganized and aimless. Ideally, a definitive reenvisioning of
  7. My first guess is that Zircon and Sixto wanted to thematically differentiate their take on Dancing Mad from some existing standout efforts, given Prince of Darkness covered a lot of the chaos with "Prancing Dad," and Derek Oren and Jeremy Robson still have an ongoing multi-year epic-in-progress with Cantata for Dancing (well, it's still ongoing as far as I know...I might kill myself if they permanently cancel it). EDIT: Nevermind, Zircon beat me to it with a firsthand answer, but at least I guessed right.
  8. I tried listening to Balance and Ruin twice, but it's terrible in its entirety. There's not a single good remix in the whole thing, and I feel like I have to shred my whole hard drive after this atrocity touched it. Would it be too much to ask for a do-over? Wait, nevermind...I must be thinking of Unbalanced and Ruined. (...which was actually pretty enjoyable btw.) Really though, I was still downloading Balance and Ruin when I went to bed last night, and I'm finally up and ready to listen straight through on repeat all day. I'm just about to start, and I just hope I can hear each piece ov
  9. I did a forum search here, and I was pretty shocked to see that nobody here seems to have discussed Zelda Reorchestrated's Twilight Symphony since sometime in 2011. It's a three and a half hour long reorchestrated version of the Twilight Princess soundtrack. ZREO released a couple thousand limited edition copies back in November 2012 (after which point it went up on torrent sites), and they originally planned to market digital copies with Nintendo's blessing, but that fell through as of April I believe. Now, their website is going to be shut down for good on June 12. Since their marketing p
  10. Oh yeah, you can avoid them. You just have to be careful not to bump into them.
  11. I have a couple of Skyrim role-playing examples: When I played the Diplomatic Immunity mission, I made a point to kill all the Thalmor I could...but then I spent an extra half hour dragging all the Thalmor bodies into the best hiding spots I could find and making sure no limbs were poking out conspicuously. That way, other Thalmor making a quick inspection wouldn't notice anything obviously amiss, other than the quietness and lack of guards. (This was quite difficult outside, because the game didn't want to let me drag bodies uphill...) When one of them dropped his glass sword, I stu
  12. Ooooooooooooooooohh... This remix needs more views and comments! I'm not qualified to offer any kind of constructive criticism, and I'm not familiar enough with the source either...but IMO this mix is wonderful. EDIT: Oh, okay, I just noticed my time zone wasn't set properly, since I wasn't logged in. The OP was only a few hours ago, but when I first posted, I thought it was a full day ago. Still, this track is probably worth a "Y NO POSTS?" after only a few hours anyway.
  13. I noticed this thread was recently posted in, and nobody else mentioned this so far, so: If anyone's looking for pieces that used to be OC ReMixes but were removed from the "canon" for whatever reason, you can check out the OC ReMoved archive here: http://www.doulifee.com/Storage/OC_Removed/
  14. It's been a few years, but I remember enjoying Ninja Gaiden II a bit less than the first one too. I beat it (can't remember if I was on Path of the Warrior or Mentor), but I was kind of relieved when it was over. The worst thing about it was the camera angles: The game zoomed in a lot so you could see how awesome you were, except that meant you couldn't see the body parts that some werewolf behind the camera was about to throw at you. You'd think you're doing really well, and then all of a sudden...BAM! You get rocked in the face with a hefty torso that would have broken the speed limit o
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