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I've been lurking here for a while and considering making a remix of my own (not sure what I'll remix yet).

On the side I compose and perform keyboard tracks and stuff for people I know online and in the real world.

I performed the all of the piano and string sounds on the next two tracks. They are just demos and are completely raw, as far as I know they are currently working on mastering the tracks.

This last one is a work in progress. A friend of mine whose in a metal band wanted me to compose a short prelude for a metal song on their next album. This was done in one take and so it's a little sloppy at the end. I usually try to record my ideas immediately so that I don't forget them.

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Brain Typhoon - Couldn't access, said the video was private :/

Two Worlds - Sounded great! The ethereal synth reminded me of DKC, while the rockier parts were very reminiscent of Metallica

Impromptu - Haunting. Great buildup.

If I were to suggest something to remix, just based on what I heard here, I would go for something piano-heavy, and maybe even a remix of a horror game of some sort (That's both because I really enjoyed "impromptu" and because I really wanna hear an awesome piano remix of a super creepy song :3)

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