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  1. Welp, it's official. You're my favorite person. #BestHaiku
  2. Yeah, I'd say it's The Big One for me as well, but I've been an OCR fan for years, and I'll definitely be checking out future projects
  4. If you have not seen This FFIX video You are missing out
  5. To be super clear My birthday post was a joke Thank you Obama
  6. So my birthday came and went, with no FFIX album to make it perfect. Thanks, Obama.
  7. Callin' it - it's coming out August 6th. Just for me. And my birthday. <3
  8. Can I get these as posters pretty please
  9. I can't... I can't hold all this hype
  10. Less than 2 months before FFIX's 15th birthday! Super excited!
  11. DUDE. I haven't seen a piece I've disliked yet. *All* of it is fantastic. Man, this is getting me excited for the album
  12. Dude just one more month until December! Hooray!
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