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Evolution of Time (Super Metroid Mix)

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Overall, this was a pleasant listen. Good source tune!

I liked your choice of instruments; they all complemented each other nicely. Very soothing and laid back.

The arrangement started to drag on in the second half; you should throw in something interesting for the listener or just cut mix to be shorter. The latter might also help if you plan on submitting this because an overly-lengthy mix with minimal content looks bad to the judges.

Another thing dragging down this mix is the percussion. While the samples are fine, they're very mechanical and not humanized at all. There should also be more variety in the drums; it seems like you just have one pattern play off and on for the drums, and there are no fills!

Lastly, I'd include just a little more of the original source, but that's just my own preference.

Keep at it!

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ty for the review, yea you are right its a little bit too long with not so much content but thats just me because Im not a fan of short tracks xd. Oh and Im just doing those for fun dont really want to go for a submission but thanks for your advice, definitely gonna try to get different percussions.

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