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my snes is being weird

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i leave my snes back at my parents' place, and use it every few months when i visit. probably the last time i played it and it worked would have been a few months ago back in april/may, but it could have been as far back as january. when i went back a couple weeks ago, the system powered on but nothing showed up on screen (back home i run it through a vga box and play it on an lcd monitor). i decided to bring it back with me to try it out on a tv, using my gamecube av cable. system powers on, only now there are these white lines scrolling up the screen:


i tried to hook it up using the rf cable and got nothing, though its likely i was doing it entirely wrong (that thing always bewildered me when i was younger).

i googled around about this but havent been able to find consistent information on this problem. some people mention similar problems with different colour lines or buzzing noises, which im not having. the closest ive found suggests that it's a problem with the power supply, but i didnt feel it was conclusive enough that i'd wanna spend the money on another power supply on the off-chance that my system is just completely dead/dying.

anybody have any idea whats going on ?

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