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MC Final Sigma

Calling All Funky Vocalists: Kirby Rap in Need of Chorus

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Salutations! I am looking for a singer or possibly another rapper who'd like to write and perform the chorus on this song - a Kirby rap collaboration between Skolar and myself, remixing

from Kirby Superstar.

Now, since choruses are really not my strong-suit lyrically, if you can write your own, that'd be a huge plus. For some inspiration slash general amusement, I sung some potential ideas for the chorus in between verses 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 (as you can tell, I am decidedly NOT a funky vocalist). Nevertheless, feel free to deviate from my half-assed and lyrically incoherent melody/rhythm. Also, we're keeping this project G-rated, so please remember:


As you can hopefully tell from the lyrics, the premise of the song is essentially this: Kirby just saved the day, everybody's partying, but I never say Kirby's name in the verses, instead describing him and comparing him to other figures. In the chorus, I'd like Kirby's name to be alluded to, spelled or punned on but not explicitly said. Other than that, though, go crazy. The chorus can change each time you sing it as much as you want, even.

The structure of the song is very typical rap - 3 verses, choruses in between, bridge after verse 2. I think we'll need to extend the beat a bit for a chorus after verse 3 if that should prove desirable.

Okay, so here's the soundcloud (no mastering or editing on the vocals yet...).

If you'd like to audition, here's the original beat. Looking forward to the collabo!

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