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  1. Been digging this since I encountered it on the WiP boards. Glad to put the super-official version on my iPod now! I love the mood of the track and the entire concept of the triumphant hero taking a breather after a narrow victory. Awesome work!
  2. I will third that! This is excellent, and very floaty and dreamy, just like the little pink guy himself. Great work!
  3. Alright, that was intense! Good stuff. It's also great to see Kirby 64 getting some love. It was a lot of fun back in the day, I'm surprised it has so few remixes.
  4. Oh dear LAWD, this is so fantastic - positively phenomenal job on everyone's parts! It's upbeat, oldschool, fun, funky & free, and pretty much everything you could ever want in a Sonic hip hop mega-collab. It's also, sadly, only my first exposure to begoma & The Auracle, who have both got infectious flows on this one! DJP nailed it in the write-up, so I'm just going to use his words: "This track is such a perfectly simultaneous homage to Sonic CD & hip-hop itself that it blows my mind." WORD.
  5. This song is like an aural theme park where I'm fast-passing to the front of every attraction. In other words, awesome work as usual, Jordan!
  6. Salutations! I am looking for a singer or possibly another rapper who'd like to write and perform the chorus on this song - a Kirby rap collaboration between Skolar and myself, remixing from Kirby Superstar.Now, since choruses are really not my strong-suit lyrically, if you can write your own, that'd be a huge plus. For some inspiration slash general amusement, I sung some potential ideas for the chorus in between verses 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 (as you can tell, I am decidedly NOT a funky vocalist). Nevertheless, feel free to deviate from my half-assed and lyrically incoherent melody/rhythm. Also, we're keeping this project G-rated, so please remember: !As you can hopefully tell from the lyrics, the premise of the song is essentially this: Kirby just saved the day, everybody's partying, but I never say Kirby's name in the verses, instead describing him and comparing him to other figures. In the chorus, I'd like Kirby's name to be alluded to, spelled or punned on but not explicitly said. Other than that, though, go crazy. The chorus can change each time you sing it as much as you want, even. The structure of the song is very typical rap - 3 verses, choruses in between, bridge after verse 2. I think we'll need to extend the beat a bit for a chorus after verse 3 if that should prove desirable. Okay, so here's the soundcloud (no mastering or editing on the vocals yet...). https://soundcloud.com/mc-final-sigma/mallow-castle-draft-8-5-13 If you'd like to audition, here's the original beat. Looking forward to the collabo! https://soundcloud.com/skolarstar/roast-marshmallow-castle
  7. And with that bold proclamation still ringing in the ears of his enemies, Sonic's alignment had finally and fully shifted to Chaotic Good. Love the audio clip and mood and progression on this track - nice work!
  8. Two themes come to mind: the Bears theme from Donkey Kong Country 3 and the from Twilight Princess.Otherwise, maybe the Harvest Moon games?
  9. I have nothing constructive to say, I just wanted to express that really dug your vocals here. Also, I know it's from the source, but I kept on mentally inserting the words to "Que Sera, Sera." Maybe that's just me though. Anyway, good work!
  10. Current WiP: https://soundcloud.com/mc-final-sigma/take-you-to-the-moon-draft Rukunetsu - instrumental (which you can find here) MC Final Sigma - rapping vocals Hey everybody, MC Final Sigma here experimenting with a new style of rap for me on one of Rukunetsu's excellent beats. The instrumental is a remix of Brenda Lee's 1963 cover of Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon." Since the beat is already totally legit, what I'd really like feedback on is the vocals. In particular: 1) I know next to nothing about vocal mastering, so pointers would be appreciated (I'm using Audacity for this), and 2) Since this is a weird, sort of inhuman delivery, some friends have suggested that it might sound good with a robot voice filter of some sort. Again, I'm not sure how to do that or even what type of robot voice might sound good. Any ideas? Otherwise, general feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. So, where to start? First off, it's a great concept - it's clever and fun, and it's always a pleasure to see rap used in such creative/novel ways. The beat is awesome, and surprisingly cohesive given how many and how different the sources are. That's something I noticed on our Pianta Joe collab, too: Jordan's incredible ability to take tiny bits of several songs and meld them together into something fantastic. BrothaDom gives a solid verse; I like your voice and especially your initial "WhoDunnit!?" Only complaint: idk how much I like the filters on the lines "Somehow they got away (without a witness?) / I'm tired of the games (Suspicious business)." Without the lyrics sheet I may not have comprehended those parts in parentheses. Pretty tight flow here, though, so I can't complain otherwise. Now, idk if there's a term to describe Jordan's style, but I dig it a lot - both in the chorus and the 2nd verse. I love the crazy voices and vocalizations with like "won't catch me by surprise though!" and "wait, look out fool, behind you...!" Reminds me of a more animated Snoop Dogg. Perfect for the vibe of the song and very engaging to listen to. Digi, thank you for exposing me to chap hop. Your verse was spot-on and Sherlock Holmes was a perfect utilization of your voice and style. "This doesn't add up!" and especially "Toodle-pip taty-bye!" are stand-out lines for me. What else? I loved the "humming" during the bridge, I liked the various audio clips; I'm personally very fond of the Luigi's Mansion theme, employed to great effect here. All of this is to say, excellent work! It's probably submission-ready as-is. And in the future, when OverClocked Assembled assembles, let me know if you need some Final Sigma/Put me in coach!
  12. This was buried among all the MM mixes on my Shuffle forever, but it came up recently and infected. my brain. LOVE the relentless energy of the percussion and how it comes back after that little detour. This song pumps me up.
  13. Here are two examples of my work rapping on some excellent beats by Sir Jordanius. I think they demonstrate that I enjoy using a range of styles and voices! I also do harder-core stuff but don't have a quality example of that atm. https://soundcloud.com/darkmoocher/piantee-joe-wip2-mc-final - Am the main rapper here (Super Mario Sunshine) https://soundcloud.com/darkmoocher/tsto-2013-concept-rough - Am the second, higher-pitched rapper here (Sonic Adventure) So, yeah, I do have some ideas in mind for specific tracks, noted below, but as I can only rap, I won't be producing any WIPs or anything. But I am a resource if someone wants to collab on a rap track! Hit me up!
  14. Hey, I'll volunteer some rapping if someone wants to collab on an open track. Paper Mario is a favorite series of mine, so I'd love to get in on this. I can do a lot of different styles and am open to different concepts. Here's a couple examples of my work, rapping on beats by Sir Jordanius, which rather demonstrates my range: https://soundcloud.com/darkmoocher/piantee-joe-wip2-mc-final - Am the main rapper here (Super Mario Sunshine) https://soundcloud.com/darkmoocher/tsto-2013-concept-rough - Am the second, higher-pitched rapper here (Sonic Adventure) Hit me up if interested, and good luck with the album everybody!
  15. By the way, I don't know if this is the first video to do it, but I'm loving the gameplay footage in the OCR Youtube vids. (Nice to see a pro in action, too)
  16. Exactly! What a life-affirming romp (through MM3's kinda convoluted Battleship-style password system), I love it, been looping it since post.
  17. (Disclaimer: I know this is somewhat derailing the thread, but I just gotta respond to this guy) Sorry if my tone offends you relynCe! Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t call me petulant again! Seriously, though: disagreeing with you doesn’t make me close-minded, and gee, sorry I didn’t immediately back down from my point of view cuz you deemed the issue “a little molehill.” You claim I think everything I say is perfect and that I refuse to be convinced; in reality, I'd be happy to be convinced, but your argument doesn't have any substance to it. If you don't read the sexual symbolism here, fine, but by any serious interpretive standard this couldn't be a more overt analogy without literally being a rape scene. I’ve presented an argument as to why I feel this way; you’ve presented ad hominems and straw men (and yes, it is a straw man to criticize me for something we weren’t discussing - namely whether or not violent depictions are reprehensible). It’s not mini-modding to call a straw man a straw man, either – unfortunately for you, I guess, cuz it and ad hominem seem to be your favored forms of disputation. It’s not insulting to have a shrink and you’re a bigot for thinking it is. I’ll stop being an asshole when you stop being a hypocrite. Hope that was clear enough for you. When you want to actually discuss ideas instead of A) just saying “Nope, don’t see it;” attacking my tone; or C) calling me close-mined – that’s when I’d be happy to read a post of yours. Anyway... I’m not suggesting this was consciously done, but it’s pretty hard to deny it’s there. Think about ALL the possible ways they could’ve killed this goddess (GoW is extremely creative when it comes to killing); instead of the many alternatives, they chose a very charged conglomeration of symbols. Watch the position of her legs, Kratos’ hands, and, of course, the position of the spike. Lots of other people have been stabbed in GoW, but did Kratos penetrate Zeus’ midsection? And you have to admit, this violence is uniquely “intimate” for Kratos’ usual brand of brutality, as the reviewer from polygon.com I quoted earlier pointed out.
  18. I'm not "hilariously blind" to the brutality, I'm just on-topic, unlike you. In context, I'm saying that the target of the violence is not sexist, since Kratos brutally murders members of both genders. If you want to talk about the hypocrisy of decrying sexuality and not violence, make your own thread about it. In the meantime, I'll be criticizing how this scene fetishizes violent rape. Nice straw man attempt, though. Agreed. It's often better to communicate arguments than to just say "OMG, genetic fallacy," though. EDIT: Responding to your edit, relyanCe. I've changed many opinions in my lifetime, including "converting" to feminism. I just don't happen to see much to get me to change my thinking here. Also, do you know what a tautology is? Maybe I don't and you do; if so, show me the error of my tautological ways.
  19. You want to show your work there, bud? Explain what sex acts these actions equate to. (Which really isn't entirely ridiculous, btw, given how GoW codes Hermes as a gay man) EDIT: And right - Hermes has his legs chopped off a an ironic punishment because he's the messenger god. What's "ironic" about a woman being penetrated through the abdomen? EDIT 2: And knowing you guys, you won't take my word for Hermes' gay representation, so here you go:
  20. Sweet argument. I could parrot the same thing back at you.
  21. I.e., you don't have to be a psychoanalyst to interpret forceful penetration through a woman's abdomen with a phallic spike as sexual.
  22. You can also not find sexism anywhere if you really try to. Ask your shrink if I'm seeing things.
  23. No, and here's why: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internalized_sexism Women can be sexist and they are not necessarily experts on sexism. I'm personally not terribly offended by the trophy, but by other things in the scene.
  24. Some of the videos are being removed, so I went ahead and made this. It's labeled so I can be very clear what I'm referring to in the video (also, please excuse my lack of image-making skillz): http://imgur.com/RVPtYVO These shots come from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3L2de3ucLg
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