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iPad support for VSTs/MIDI controllers.


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So I just got back from a gig I do for some local cons, and I'm looking for something to replace my Roland Fantom X7.

I've been dabbling into VSTs more and more lately and I would like to either get an iPad to run VSTs or possibly a netbook if iPad is not an option. The thing is that I'm not entirely clear as to whether iPads support ALL VSTs or just the VSTs that are developed for iOS (iPad). The main VST that I'm interested in running is this (link).

As for midi controllers, I would like to find a good 76(ish) key semi-weighted midi controller that isn't too big or heavy. I originally got the Fantom X7 for travel so I wouldn't have to carry my Yamaha Motif XS8 which weighs about 100lbs in it's case. But I'm getting more and more dis satisfied with the key action on it. Everything I play on it ends up sounding mechanical because I'm used to fully weighted keys.

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iPads, as far as I know, have no onboard vst support, because that makes no sense (vsts don't work on their own; they aren't self-contained applications)

however there might be an app built for running vsts? i can't imagine it'd be on the app store, though

in either case a bunch of excellent music apps do exist on the app store! moog's animoog is pretty great (i haven't used many other ones but i know there's an approximation of a kaossilator/kaos pad on their somewhere) and if not you could probably find an midi controller on the app store (i know there are some) and just run the vst in a DAW on a laptop? maybe?

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