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  1. Yo, I've got an indiegogo going right now to launch my next fifteen albums. For fifteen dollars. I'm mostly known for doing music for Homestuck and Omegalodon but I want to do lots more. Check it out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-rj-lake-get-his-first-fifteen-albums-done-ok/x/4886070#/ Thanks!
  2. i went back to this stupid fucking thing: http://spellmynamewithabang.com/post/128012918968/so-i-did-the-remix-thing-for-that-a-few-hours i made the original with an fl studio demo on my mom's computer in 2007 over the course of 3 days. this one was made on my mom's computer with an fl studio demo in 2015 over the course of 2 hours, right now. it's still a wip, i guess? lots of placeholder drums, who cares. samples the original a lot, i don't know if i'll ever finish it, i'm just tooling around because somebody managed to dig up the original track. which is here now, by the way: http://spellmynamewithabang.com/post/127997081423/listen-to-this-pure-trash-thing-i-made-when-i-was lots of mixing/mastering issues i guess blah, anyway
  3. still reeling from the response i've gotten since omegalodon was released on OCR! good stuff all around
  4. mostly photoshop, though occasionally toon boom i tend to work digitally but i keep trying to work more traditionally. usually just mechanical pencils and bristol board tends to be what i stick to for that, though i like micron pens a lot too
  5. i'm not in a position to judge because i have a bias against orchestral arrangements using samplesets and synthesized instruments! it seems ok i guess?
  6. i'm the first thread in this forum, i guess?* all of this is original and it's all been posted at my tumblr already so most of these images link back to the original posts ok ok possible seizure warning for this one definite seizure warning for this one *unless you count rules, and why would you, heathen
  7. wait, is this the thread where we post our art rules ok mine are: 1: don't procrastinate 2: draw every day 3: if you do procrastinate, don't stay up all night 4: if you do stay up all night, don't hate yourself 5: if you do hate yourself, make art about it 6: also get help if you can
  8. i was actually going to do a sonic r ep myself once the shinobi 3 project i've got started winding down! i wish y'all luck; this is a very specific take on the game (mine was gonna be a completely different kinda thing) and one that would be fairly popular, likely! i'm not gonna do anything for this myself but i hope it does well
  9. I'd love to help organize something like that once my shinobi 3 album starts getting off the ground; as it is, that's already a big undertaking! but yes, an album for every sonic game is pretty much inevitable* *i myself have plans in the works eventually for the two richard jacques soundtracks (reviled games, and in one case a reviled soundtrack, but if you can't feel the sunshine i don't want to talk to you)
  10. if you turn anything even half as good as that kid chameleon mix in i guarantee you a spot, regardless of how late it is. i want to focus on the album being really good, rather than turned around super fast. if that means a more leisurely timetable, so be it!

  11. Seriously beware of clipping. It might just be my speakers, but especially toward the end that sounded much louder than the 0db mark.
  12. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhholy shit your kid chameleon mix

  13. holy shit, it's about time! i was just thinking about doing a KC mix, considering that there wasn't one on this site before, but here we go. i'm already rejoicing and i haven't even listened to the mix yet edit: and this mix turns out to be amazing good why aren't there more mixes this innovative on ocr
  14. At the risk of sounding stingy, I'd love to arrange conditional on you budgeting (in this proposed kickstarter) for definite fair pay for those arranging; if money is going to pay performers then at least just as much should go to those making the music they're playing. EDIT: i mean, i know you put that in the post; what i mean is that it should be included in the amount proposed from the start, as opposed to being a stretch goal.
  15. replace "nowadays" with "the last ten/twenty years" and you'd be right oftentimes the best competent writer/director for that is himself. I'd gleefully watch an Affleck-directed Batman film in a heartbeat. He'd nail the tone, tbh
  16. dear god i want to organize a command and conquer album at some point all the games up through red alert 2. all of those
  17. Ben Affleck is a much better director than he is an actor, which means that he should switch roles with zack snyder obvs
  18. there's a nearly opposite correlation, here; homestuck fans seem to genuinely not care about all of the tracks i put effort and love into and love seriously look at the difference in view count there
  19. i suddenly had a vision of redoing Violent Breathing as weezer-esque 90s poppy alt-rock but unfortunately i don't have a guitar or an actual set of drums or a bass or anything to do that with someone else do that, though, because it'd be sweet
  20. this is my go-to mix for worst on the site, to be honest i'm continually shocked it hasn't been relegated to ocremoved
  21. really no comments yet? are we kidding, are we joking this mix is the tits, so to speak. i've not come across a pokemon mix yet that i fully one hundred percent loved and embraced but this is earth shattering. it's the pokemon theme done insane justice. some of the lead writing is a bit safe and feels a bit stale here and there but otherwise i can't think of any flaws; this is pokemon on warioware steroids.
  22. i'd be willing to do such a mix for pay edit: wow this is a few days old, probably too late
  23. ATH-M50 (not m40) is the way to go for a fairly inexpensive headphone. It's midway from 100-200 dollars (varying depending on where you buy) and it has an -insanely flat- soundscape. It will give you a very clear idea of what sounds are in your mix. Good monitors are the best choice, but if you want a good headphone on the (moderately) cheap, this is the one, as far as I know.
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