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Remixing under Linux

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Hey people. I've heard many people talking about remixing for free. What about using Linux to do it? Linux is steadily getting better at audio, and seeing as (usually) everything is free (and open-source), why not give it a shot?

Rosegarden: A Midi sequencer. I haven't gotten a chance to use it, but it is a lot like cakewalk from what I see. Free.

LMMS: It's like FL Studio, but free. And comes with less samples, but it's still free.

Audacity: Sound editor. Also free. I know it does MP3 and WAV, haven't tried editing anything else.

MOD Trackers: I'm not up on that yet. This site seems to be good though:


VST: Dunno what it is. But some software links:



DJing Software:


Names that I just stole from other topics:

Just combed through an old thread about programs for Linux, and added information to the guide concerning Muse, Ardour, Soundtracker and Rosegarden (see above), Noteedit and Lilypond. Much thanks to Analoq and Metasquares - I'll probably find myself playing with all of these in the near future.
Simmilar to buzz... This program is called beast, and it is located at http://beast.gtk.org

If anybody wants to test these indepth, be my guess. But LMMS is awesome, it's the only one I've screwed with very long. Maybe other Linux users could pitch in? Or if someone has a question, I can see if I can answer it.

And no, Linux is NOT just for nerds, unless you pick a distro (read: version) suited for nerds. Like Gentoo. If you want to try linux, use Knoppix or an Ubuntu Live CD. For something specifically suited for Media Editing, try this LiveCD:


And yes, some of this software works in Windows.

(I'm probably the only Linux user here anyways... :lol: )

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