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    I'm a touhou addict, linux geek, Christian, and I'm mildly insane. Kinda. Almost.

    Gonna be a remixer some day! Maybe.

    Call me "Chaz"
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  1. Dear sir or ma'am,

    I noticed that you commented in an Aphrodite Oceanus thread that you do not do illegal gaming. You have won my respect. Or my "internets for a week". :D Whichever you prefer to call it.


  2. I would, but my xbox keeps scratching up and quite literally destroying my games when I play them. I'd be insane to buy another game for that thing. No way. Besides, I already legally own the right to use those songs, so why buy it again?
  3. Well, I take it then that there's no place that has all of the official steps for every song in Ultramix 3... My copy got destroyed by my xbox and I want to play it again, but I can't. So I thought that I could find simfiles for all of them...
  4. Sweet. I can't wait! Meanwhile, I'll mess with milkytracker (and maybe make an ebuild for it EDIT: someone already did, awesome!). Thanks!
  5. I can't run Reniose, it doesn't have a Linux version (but it has a mac version? I hate it when people do that ) and ModPlug Tracker is only for Windows. However, Milky tracker sounds amazing! Since I love chiptunes, I'm definitely downloading it right now. The main reason I want a tracker right now is because my MIDI keyboard is FUBAR'd at the moment and I'm too lazy to use soundfonts and audio plugins in Rosegarden. ;D
  6. Alright, so I installed cheesetracker. I want to try doing MOD until I can get my sound card to stop being retarded with realtime drivers (probably not going to happen, so I'm going to have to wait until I get a new sound card). So, I am totally lost with this thing. I get the concept of MOD tracking and how its done, but I don't quite know how to make anything. I don't know how to make instruments, and I don't know how to map those instruments to pitches and selected frames in the song. So, does anybody here (I'm sure at least one person can help!) know how to help a newbie get started with this stuff? Google was no help; I'm sure I was just searching the wrong string, but I don't know what I should be searching for...
  7. Pick a Japanese shoot-em-up and play the extra stage. Most impossible bosses ever? Mushihime-sama (PS2, arcade) final boss, Touhou Mystic Square extra stage boss Alice Margatroid, Touhou Embodiment of Scarlet Devil extra stage boss Flandre Scarlet, games like that.
  8. I'd do it for you, but you'll have to wait a while after getting it to me, I'm kinda busy with school right now.
  9. That means that your gap is perfect but your BPM is off.
  10. School is kicking my ass and my mix isn't exactly noteworthy. Or done, for that matter. In fact, I seem to have hit yet another remixer's block or something, and I haven't worked on it for ages. Eh... The more I think about it, just giving up sounds more appealing, but I hate doing that
  11. Since all of my songs are long or marathon, it wouldn't work out very well now would it?
  12. A little, yes, but not NEARLY as as bad as they could be. LMMS, for example, is very confusing the first time you use it but it makes sense after a while. Also, a word of warning: not all Linux audio programs work perfectly under x86_64 yet...
  13. I hope this shows up in DDR Hottest Party for the Wii, because the Wii is the only system that will fit in my dorm in College.
  14. Use a Linux CD to boot your computer, get to your file, open it, write down the number and reinstall Windows or whatever. Linux CD: http://www.pclinuxos.com
  15. I'm trying really hard on this, even with things getting in my way. But I don't know if it'll be up to what you want because it is my first mix and all... Of course, I'm not going to give up on it, because even if I get rejected hopefully someone can tell me how to make my mixes better. EDIT: Gah... this song has sooooo many notes in it. I can't even keep up with the original song well enough to figure out which note is which. I might pick a different song at this rate... EDIT 0.0.2: Changing song. I can't do this one, not by ear anyway. A little too fast for me. I'll remix one of these songs, definitely, because I know (and like) them better: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon Both from the same game as the other song (Touhou 8: Imperishable Night) but much easier to remix because the songs don't become impossible to follow 10 seconds after they start. I'll probably do Lunatic Princess because I think it sounds better on a plain old piano sound.
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