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The Royal Sampler Vol. 2: This Time It's Personal (Album)


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Hey guys. So I had physically released this album about a year and a half ago, and decided it was time to throw it up digitally.

Features some Hardcore tracks, some Funkot tracks, a Makina track and a bunch of remixes in various genres such as:psy/orchestra, trancecore, progressive house, hardcore, funkot.

Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it!




01. DJ SymBiotiX - Here We Go Again

02. DJ MesoPhunk - Rebel With Me

03. DJ SymBiotiX Feat. Iolite - Drive My Heart

04. DJ MesoPhunk - Hardcorpse Party


06. Survival Program - All About Tha Powah

07. DJ SymBiotiX - Renegade Funk

08. DJ MesoPhunk - Had It All

09. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (JMBS Remix)

10. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (D-tor Remix)

11. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (2012mL Citric Style)

12. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (DJ Counterforce Remix)

13. DJ SymBiotiX - Drive My Heart (Chasers Remix)

14. DJ SymBiotiX - Crystal Dreams (98 Percent Chimp Remix)

Edited by DJ SymBiotiX
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