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  1. Thanks for the comments Gario At this point though, since I've released it and all that, I figure it's done done, even though some things could be a bit better I guess. Also the fact that I already had it mastered by a guy I do agree though that maybe those violins could be a bit more up front now that you mention it. I have not submitted it to OCR mostly because I already released it myself, and I was also hoping a certain label would pick it up, but I haven't heard back from them yet, so I'm not sure. Is it fine to still submit to OCR? I forget all the rules haha.
  2. Hey! I'm not sure what you mean by your first question sorry To answer your second question, yes I am both SenPi and DJ SymBiotiX, I switched to SenPi like a year or so ago Thanks for the kind words I'm glad you like it!
  3. Hey guys! Long time no post I think this is probably my first video game remix in forever, and I'm super stoked about it. I know there have been tons of undertale remixes but here is my entry into the foray haha Really hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. I want to eat your sig up MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  5. you can put me in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Hazaa
  6. so, I haven't read everything in this thread, but I've recently been getting in to analog circuitry myself and I've been doing music stuff with it. MIDI Opto-Isolator Circuit I designed: http://i.imgur.com/Y9dyZ5w.png Square/Triangle Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit I designed: http://i.imgur.com/JOaYo0f.png (didnt end up working cause I fucked it up somewhere) The working prototype for the previous osc: http://i.imgur.com/wiMF2So.png I'm currently working on a new prototype for another square/triangle using a different chip, as well as a ramp/pulse and sine, and also some PWM action for the square. In any case, I figured I could chime in and pimp out https://oshpark.com/ cheap PCB's. Cost is based on square inch, and all of those purple pcb's in my photos were done through them, and came out to roughly 6 bucks or so edit: also, I'm trying to go the pure analog route (except for when I hook up a midi keybaord to it. That will probably be midi keyboard -> raspberry pi (or arduino) -> voltage control -> osc. Asside from that, I'm going pure analog hooah. Which is pretty difficult apparently, especially cause I know nothing about circuits haha
  7. Hey guys. So I had physically released this album about a year and a half ago, and decided it was time to throw it up digitally. Features some Hardcore tracks, some Funkot tracks, a Makina track and a bunch of remixes in various genres such as:psy/orchestra, trancecore, progressive house, hardcore, funkot. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it! http://store.djsbx.com/album/the-royal-sampler-vol-2-this-time-its-personal Tracklist: 01. DJ SymBiotiX - Here We Go Again 02. DJ MesoPhunk - Rebel With Me 03. DJ SymBiotiX Feat. Iolite - Drive My Heart 04. DJ MesoPhunk - Hardcorpse Party 05. DJ SymBiotiX - FUNFUNFUNK 06. Survival Program - All About Tha Powah 07. DJ SymBiotiX - Renegade Funk 08. DJ MesoPhunk - Had It All 09. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (JMBS Remix) 10. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (D-tor Remix) 11. DJ SymBiotiX - Orange Sky (2012mL Citric Style) 12. DJ SymBiotiX - Coming Home (DJ Counterforce Remix) 13. DJ SymBiotiX - Drive My Heart (Chasers Remix) 14. DJ SymBiotiX - Crystal Dreams (98 Percent Chimp Remix)
  8. woo! Finally got a wii u for the wind waker remake! Ppl add me! Nintendo ID is: DJSymBiotiX
  9. im totally interested, EDM stuff is my speciality, as long as you're cool with like a UK Hardcore remix of something
  10. oh shit I remember talking about this.. I need to pick a source....
  11. Hey guys, its been a while since I've posted something here. So I finally finished this track I've been working on since the DP album came out. Figured I would give it away for free (yay!) I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think https://soundcloud.com/djsymbiotix/daft-punk-doin-it-right-dj-symbiotix-remix
  12. yeah mm3 would have been the absolute best. Best MM soundtrack of all time IMO
  13. According to the FAQ its Mighty No. 9, because there are 8 other Mighty robots, and Beck is the 9th (They made him 9, even though the original goal was 6 robots, but they wanted the possibility of 8 or something like that). Just like how in megaman there were other robots, and then megaman had to take them down. That's how I undersood the FAQ anyway. That being said. I threw down for the $100 package, and I am hype as fuck. Can't wait for the beta I also like how his name is Beck and his partners name is Call. Beck & Call LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!ONEONEONE!!! GET IT?!?!?!
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