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Eternity Rising- Kickstarter Project From Harmony Of A Hunter / Harmony Of Heroes Composer

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Howdy y'all, just wanted to post about my new Kickstarter album, Eternity Rising!

For those of you who liked my Metroid work in the Harmony Of A Hunter albums, this will have a similar tone albeit more film-score oriented.

And it's not just a music album, it's going to have a visual aspect as well with a lot of 3D animation and a longer music video finale.

Also, if there are any Legend Of Zelda fans out there, as part of a collaboration with the upcoming Super Smash Bros. album,


backers can get an early release of my new Dark World symphony piece as a bonus, for folks who are into that sort of thing :)

But yeah, that's it for my plug, please check it out if you have the time and spread word if you can, any help is greatly appreciated! :)


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Youtube Trailer:

By the way, does anyone know of any good places to post about album projects?

I'm finding it difficult to try and promote it at all, since many sites forbid any mention of a kickstarter album or any sort of promoting one's own work it seems... plus symphonic music isn't the most popular genre and I don't know many relevant sites to post on :(

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