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  1. Chaos isn't necessarily bad, but in this case, it's too much at once, which is literally difficult to listen to (like trying to pay attention to two separate people talking at the same time). It does start to blend better toward the end, so I definitely think you're on the right track there. I think the biggest problem is having two melodies going at the same time. Find a way to either transition between the two melody lines or hybridize them somehow and it'd make a huge difference.
  2. The arrangment definitely needs some work. Right now it sounds a lot like the two sources are just pasted over one another and it's way too chaotic. I'd say you need to find a way to make them blend together more. Keep working on it though, I love the concept.
  3. There's some great stuff on this. I'm particularly happy to know there's at least one person out there who shares my specific loves of Pink Floyd and Donkey Kong Country (seriously
  4. It's pretty short and pretty straight of a cover. It's a very nice cover, but I think it has the potential to be more than that. With the orchestra, it would be nice to hear the intro extended a bit more, maybe slowly bring in all the instruments before segueing into the full theme? Something to make it last longer and feel more like a "piece" and not just a higher-res re-orchestration of loopable BGM.
  5. So, seeing as Bionic Commando is the only OCR album from the "2013 Album Preview" to release in what my calendar claims to be 2013, I'm assuming OCR has extended 2013 into the new year. The question is, how long is 2013 projected to last.
  6. Seeing as Bravely Default, which is one of the best love letters to Final Fantasy V I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing, just released outside of Japan this past week, I can't think of a better time to announce the impending release of a bunch of Final Fantasy V music. Right? ...right? ...
  7. Oh man, I'm glad I popped by the forums and saw this. Would have kicked myself if I found out about it after it was over. Your tracks were some of my favorites on Harmony of a Hunter. Really hope you make it--the world needs more of your music in it, man.
  8. I assume every project is a prank until proven otherwise. Hell, I still don't believe Balance and Ruin ever came out.
  9. OCR is hacks they publish fake music like dubbstep but not real music why won't you post real music djp?
  10. I still think the opening sounds a lot like a David Gilmour piece (particularly "Coming Back to Life"). This is, of course, a Very Good Thing. The rest is great for much different reasons and has me even more excited for Jill's upcoming album.
  11. This mix fits a good niche where it's not only good on it's own, but it's almost perfectly written for use as BGM for a tabletop game. It's got a slow build and enough of a pattern that it's easy to set loop points and while it's got a lot of character, it's unassuming enough that it won't distract from the narrative. Seriously impressive work.
  12. And that's it for me tonight. I thought about doing Disc 5 too, but at this point, I think I'm a little too burned out on new music. Not sure I'd survive SnappleMan and norg's 40 minute epic. I'm definitely looking forward to tackling that later this week though. Overall album impressions--this is probably the best album OCR has ever put out. I'm not sure anything on it can top Fading Entity (although the opera pieces just might--I need more listens to be sure) but there were maybe two tracks I didn't enjoy (due to style preferences, not quality of arrangement). Out of 70 tracks, that's a
  13. Disc 4 impressions A Glimmer of Hope –Of all the great music from this game, I have particularly high expectations for Searching for Friends. I’m not sure why that is, it’s not even in my top five favorite pieces from the game. And yet, I’m uniquely picky about remixes of this song. That said, this track nails it. That mix of loneliness and hope. The sense of desolation is evident in the piano at the beginning. And then the spirit of exploration shines through and it becomes more encouraging and uplifting, before settling back into a calmer and more reflective mood at the end, which
  14. Disc 3 First Impressions Flava de Chocobo – I… uh, I’m not really sure what I’m listening to here. Oh, it’s a chocobo song, I guess. Hmm, 70’s club style, I think. This beat feels like the trailer to some Blaxploitation parody. Well it’s certainly well done. I think I need a few more listens to decide whether or not I like it though. Johnny’s Got that Funk – Well, it’s a far cry removed from late 50’s R&B that’s for sure. Turn of the 60’s teens certainly wouldn’t be ready for this yet. Let’s hope the average OCR listener is. For the record, I’m cool with it. Wouldn’t say I lo
  15. Okay, without looking at this thread (or anything beyond track names after the fact), I will be presenting my initial impressions of Discs 2 - 4 with more detailed reviews of my favorite pieces. I'm skipping Disc 1 because I've listened to those tracks far too many times to present initial opinions (and I didn't think of doing this until recently). I'll totally be reviewing a few of those tracks in detail though. Disc 2 Wild Child Ballad – Darangen’s Solitary Sorrows has kind of ruined Gau’s Theme, in that I can’t hear it without thinking of his lyrics. The little string-and-woodwind recu
  16. Dude if you have a time machine, why wouldn't you go back in time and donate?
  17. I'm a big geek and an engineer and a writer, so I like tearing a game apart and figuring out how it works. Not in a "look at the source code" sense, but in looking at the mechanics and the controls and the story and the graphics and the music and anything else notable about it, and looking at how they all work together to make a good (or bad) experience. My favorite thing about games isn't actually playing them but in looking at the experiences they provide. Stuff like the in-depth analysis people did about the first Bioshock, particularly in the final scene and how it plays with the illusi
  18. I just love that they're finally giving Luigi the spotlight he justly deserves.
  19. I felt like the handling of Ocarina of Time 3DS was about perfect for a port. Polished the graphics, tweaked the interface and control scheme to reduce trips to the menu, but otherwise leave well enough alone. They showed good judgement in knowing what to mess with. No idea if the same people are involved with Wind Waker, but if they follow the same strategy, it'll turn out great.
  20. I have been waiting for high-res sprites and super artistic hand-drawn stuff since last generation and it's incredibly sad to me that hardly anyone is even considering it. I had hoped Rayman Origins would convince people that it's okay to do sprites and traditional-style platforming, but no big names seem to be getting that message. I share your worries about Yoshi's Island, but I guess I'm a little more optimistic. I've really been enjoying most of Nintendo's 3DS output lately and I'm hoping that the fact that we haven't seen very much of the game at all means that the good stuff is all st
  21. Agree with you 100% on this. No. It's not. You know what makes Mario Kart and Golf and Party sub-serieses? They feature the same characters as the SMB games, but they aren't 2-D platformers. You know what is a 2D platformer? NSMB. It's a sub-group, just like the first three games were (Mario Bros), but they're as core Mario platformer as anything. I'm sorry they were so disappointing to you. Teams change all the time. Are the Oracle games and Minish Cap not proper Zelda games because Capcom made them? It's not the same aesthetics, no, I'll give you that. But it's high-fidel
  22. [Citation Needed] Seriously, how the hell would NSMB not be a "main Mario series"? It's about as traditional 2D platforming as you can get. The DS title was kind of weak, but NSMB Wii was really well-made and I had a lot of fun with it. New Super Mario Bros Wii U is pretty much exactly this. Graphics don't get much "better" than that for a Mario game (although aesthetics sure do--I feel the designs themselves are kind of stale and boring). And I still don't know what "serious" means--this is a game where you play as a chubby plumber who gets bigger when he eats mushrooms and stomp on t
  23. People keep talking about this and I have no idea what they mean. What exactly, makes a Mario game "next-gen"? Adaptive-AI Koopas? A browner, bleaker looking Mushroom Kingdom? Realistic fireball physics? It's Mario, the definitive 2-D platformer. They already gave us a version in 1080p, what more are you looking for? I'm not criticizing, I'm actually curious.
  24. So it sounds like David Wise is working on the soundtrack for DKC:TF, which brought it up from "I'll keep an eye on it, I guess" to "genuinely excited" for me.
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