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Disney medley (instrumental backtrack)


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With the release of Frozen, I'm pretty happy that Disney is making quality musicals again. It being Thanksgiving, my wife and I decided to give thanks to those Disney musical geniuses by doing a sort of "greatest hits" medley.

The orchestration sticks to the source material fairly close, with some different decisions and style choices peppered in (obviously we had to come up with the transitions, as well).

While well-known as a Broadway songwriter, I think Alan Menken is underrated as a score composer. So besides serving as the backtrack to my wife's vocals, this was for me to study the orchestration and style of Alan Menken, get some ear training (no sheet music), and practice with my orchestral samples. Especially for A Whole New World, Menken makes use of a lot of acrobatic string and wind runs, which I really wanted to get more practice with.

In the end, I think what yields that classic "Disney" sound is a pretty genius combination of Tchaikovsky-style ballet mixed with modern Broadway theater. Together, they provide that distinctive mix of "fairy tale" and energy, respectively. Do you agree? What do you think is the "Disney formula?"

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