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    The first time I played Tetris on my old gray brick of a Game Boy was my first introduction to video game music. When I heard David Wise's legendary Jungle Japes playing at Target in 1994, I was hooked. I began composing my own music in 2003, getting more sophisticated over the years. I don't have any classical training in performance or theory besides a summer piano class, so what I mainly trust is my ear. I found OCR in 2004 after Kong in Concert premiered, finally discovering a community that shared my passion for this oft-overlooked category of music. For nearly a decade after that, I've listened to dozens of remixes and haunted the website, and now I'm finally looking forward to contributing my own pieces!
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  1. The 5-inch probably, but the 7-inch is well balanced for my purposes (mostly orchestral).
  2. I currently use a pair of Yamaha HS monitors (7-inch model). Very happy with them.
  3. I'd been wanting to tackle "Bonus Room Blitz" for years, and I always had it in mind to arrange it in a classical style. I ultimately decided on a more contemporary piano and string quartet. Also incorporated are bits of "Island Swing" and from DKC2, "Cranky's Conga". Hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!
  4. Neifion

    What are the best Game Over screens?

    King's Quest VI (all the funny puns!): Donkey Kong Country (so soothing!): Raptor: Call of the Shadows (don't have the vid for it unfortunately!)
  5. Neifion

    Help learning how to transcribing music

    Drop the WAV or MP3 of the song into your DAW and play in the parts one at a time, muting and unmuting the original track as you go. Then, once you have all the MIDI in, it will be easier to transcribe because you'll have piano roll of each instrument to look at when transcribing. Another thing is to get the sheet music, if available. Transcribe as much as you can by ear and check your work against the sheet music, and use the sheet music to help you out if you have trouble separating the harmonies/instruments.
  6. Hey there Flurry, thanks for listening and the kind words. The strings are samples (Spitfire Chamber Strings and Spitfire Sacconi Quartet) and for the realism I tend to spend a good amount of time on the programming. I play everything in by hand on the keyboard and control the MIDI CC faders in real time. I also try to play it with a performance in mind; I imagine the players in my mind bowing and try to emulate that. Finally, I write to the strength of the samples; I've gotten a lot of use out of them by now and so I know their strengths and limitations.
  7. I've done a few action-y, parkour-type assassin themes before so I wanted to go for a more mysterious, slightly "off" sound with this. Also wanted to bring it in a bit closer with the mics. Thank you for listening!
  8. For this song the client asked me to take their piano sketch and create an orchestral piece from it. Basically it's a theme for a man who was a terrible person but is now struggling to do the right thing. For every good moment he has, there's a dark one lurking, waiting to tempt him back into foul deeds because giving in is so much easier than the eternal hell of trying to scrub one's soul clean. So I tried to make it sound hopeful in the middle, but then go dark at the end, where a phrase repeats and emphasizes his "unending path". Anyway, don't want to get more explanatory, so here it is: Thank you for listening!
  9. Neifion

    Nintendo Switch

    Growing up with the ol' gray brick Game Boy, my mom's philosophy was pretty effective: "You break it or lose it, you're not getting another one." Had that thing forever.
  10. Thank you for the kind words Garrett! If you're interested I actually am selling it; link in the video description.
  11. Neifion

    Nintendo Switch

    That's probably true, but I'm going to wait. Even if Zelda and Mario end up being great, I'd like to see the Switch supported by first and third parties for the long term before I jump on board.
  12. Neifion

    Nintendo Switch

    I had deleted my post actually. But all said was that I'm going to wait to buy the Switch. That way if Zelda or Mario end up being lackluster, I can just wait until some good games come along to dive in.
  13. Neifion

    Nintendo Switch

    The battery in the console is non-replaceable. However, a possible solution could be carrying around battery charger packs.
  14. Neifion

    Nintendo Switch

    That new Square Enix RPG looks promising. Cool to see a new IP from them just for the Switch.