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My first free EP - Continue?


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Holy shit man, this is rad as hell. I was sold with the Tekken 3 sound clips immediately. Are you planning a bandcamp release?

Awesome work dude, REALLY digging this. The first track is like Kubbi if he did more EDM styled stuff (which is saying a lot, because I think a TON of Kubbi's music), the second reminds me of Kavinsky, and the third is bitching though I can't think of anything it reminds me of haha.

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Glad you liked it! Had a lot of fun making it.

I'd not even considered putting it on bandcamp, always been a soundcloud guy. What's the advantages of it going on bandcamp too?

The main thing is that it looks more professional than a Soundcloud release, at least imo. You'd also reach a different audience, and even if an album is "free" you have the option of offering it for "pay what you want" so people can support you monetarily if they'd like to

My first impression with bandcamp is that you wouldn't necessarily be reaching more people, but I dunno, it seems to work out in weird ways where sometimes people won't be aware of your Soundcloud but have found your album on bandcamp. I'm in the process of negotiating a game soundtrack with a dev who sought me out from my album on BC rather than other stuff, so it definitely reaches at least SOME extra people, and you can always link your SC too. I'd look into it dude, these tracks are killer

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