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  1. https://vimeo.com/118598425 It would be great to get some feedback, so if you have any thoughts let me know what you think Cheers! I should probably share how I went about creating some of the more interesting sounds: - The monster roars are created initially by dragging a chair across a wooden floor, then processed with distoritions and pitch shifts - Some of the above water splashes were recorded by layering up sounds of splashing water in a bath tub - The underwater sounds were recorded by putting a condom on an old microphone and holding it underwater - The 'energy shield' sounds were all synthesised using subtractive synthesis - The 'engery blast' sounds were created using gunshot recordings and modifying them with various filters, delays and pitch shifts - The electricity sounds are a mixture of synthesis and layers of electricity zap sound effects If you have any questions about how I did other parts, or you want more specific details let me know!
  2. Glad you liked it! Had a lot of fun making it. I'd not even considered putting it on bandcamp, always been a soundcloud guy. What's the advantages of it going on bandcamp too?
  3. Hey all, Been a while since I completed some music, but here's 3 original free tracks: https://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/sets/continue You should pick up on the video game influences instantly, enjoy!
  4. I'd like to play some of my tracks live, I've played live music with bands before, but now I want to do my own solo electronic stuff. This idea terrifies me which mean I really should do it.
  5. Football Manager 2013. The Year is 2026, Over the last 14 years I have guided Luton Town up from non-league, through several consequtive promotions, to Premier League title contenders and European heavy weights. My total game time is 13 days 8 hours 30 minutes. Beat that.
  6. Hey! So I'm currently working on a Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 remix and could really do with some female vocals. The ReMix itself is part 'Kiss Me Sunlights' (ZOE 1) and part 'Beyond The Bounds' (ZOE 2) I'd be looking to submit this as a 50/50 collaboration as far as credit is due. Send me a message if you're at all interested or if you have any questions at all, and we'll take it from there! I do have a very early WIP version to hear upon request. Thanks!
  7. For my i'd say it was this one https://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/surge-breaker It was the first track I did that had a big sound that I actually wanted, everything of mine older than this just sounds a bit weak to me. Plus it was the first track where I was happy with the solo I'd written.
  8. Am I the only person that hated it? I thought it was full of plot holes, there were so many points where the characters just seemed to make rediculous decisions just so it would add to the action. I really didn't like the Mandarin plot and felt cheated by it, and that Guy Pearce's character was far too generic and had been done before in the first two films. And I know most people loved the comedy side of things, but I felt it was all just too much and became very cringeworthy very early on (don't get me started on the kid). Haven't left the cinema so dissapointed for a long time
  9. Yeah, I use a mac myself as we'll, I believe I had to get an older version, but it works just fine
  10. Yeah so the slap bass sound is from a free megadrive/genesis vst i found, it's called VOPM, it's a synth that emulates the megadrive sound chip.
  11. Thanks guys! I got most of the samples from this guy here He's put a download link in the video description
  12. Hey all! So here's my latest track https://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/bit-depth uses a lot of mega drive samples from various games, free to download if you like it
  13. So here's my most recent track, it's a bit of heavy electronic, with some chiptune and a fair amount of sampling in it too. Like everything i've done before it's a free download. MEGA! https://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/glow
  14. Thank you! I appreciate your time and response, good sir! :-D

  15. Thanks man! And glad you like it, it was definitely loads of fun to make

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