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Kickstarter for GAMCON, the Gaming, Anime & Music Convention in Bremerton, WA


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Hey there guys! First off, I heavily perused the rules just to make sure that I can post this in community. I know it states that as long as you are involved in your Kickstarter link it can be posted in community if you're a remixer. However, I'm not sure if it had to be album or game development related. If need be I'd be more than happy to have this post moved to the appropriate mega thread either by mod or myself.

I'm reaching out to a community that I used to spend a large part of my life with and coincidentally enough, shared in my first convention experience with: at Magfest 2008. During college I went on hiatus as I was neither musically productive nor free enough to participate too much in the forums anymore. As soon as I escaped the grips of university I realized that I needed to do something bigger than myself.

TL;DR I'm bringing a niche genre convention to Bremerton, WA. It's this coming July 5th and 6th. We only have 6 days from the time of posting (end is February 5th at ~9:00 pm EST) and we're looking for anybody we can find to give us a final push into our $8000 mark. We've already raised nearly $6000 but now I must turn to you guys! It's two days long, we plan to heavily feature music of the anime, local and videogame variety (and were actually planning in the coming months to extend an invitation for an OCReMix guest panel).

One can understandably think that the Puget sound region may be already saturated with conventions. We have attempted to schedule GAMCON at a time that conflicts with no local conventions. We are not trying to "compete" with anybody, we solely wish to bring something fun to the city of Bremerton. If you've visited, you know what I mean. Self promotion on forums feels dirty to me so I share any sort of weirdness you may feel upon seeing this but we are doing it out of a perceived necessity to make our area fun and a place where people actually wish to travel -to-.


All critiques, insults and compliments are welcome. If you have any questions PM me. Thank you for any interest you may show to this event as I have been working extremely hard on planning, fundraising and organizing.

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