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  1. Hey there guys! First off, I heavily perused the rules just to make sure that I can post this in community. I know it states that as long as you are involved in your Kickstarter link it can be posted in community if you're a remixer. However, I'm not sure if it had to be album or game development related. If need be I'd be more than happy to have this post moved to the appropriate mega thread either by mod or myself. I'm reaching out to a community that I used to spend a large part of my life with and coincidentally enough, shared in my first convention experience with: at Magfest 2008. Dur
  2. Hallo. I would like access to the OCReMix Minecraft Server. May I be whitelisted? Thanks in advance. My Minecraft UN is Blizihizake

  3. Feel free (anyone) to add me on LoL: Blizihizake I'll always be down for an ARAM or two.
  4. You have a really good ear for mixing. The productions sound snappy, punchy, and just perfect all around. Thanks for the music!
  5. Oh god! I QUICKLY DART AWAY THROUGH ALLEYWAYS. WE ARE IN INDIA AND PEOPLE ARE CARRYING THINGS ON THEIR HEAD. I SHOVE THEM AND THEY STUMBLE AND I RUN THROUGH A OUTDOOR MARKET,KNOCKING OVER FRUITS AND JUMPING OVER WHEELBARROWS. I RUN THROUGH A RESTAURANT AND CHEF SAYS "HEY, WATCH IT IM COOKIN HERE!" IN A BOSTON ACCENT. But yeah, it sucks when you find out your unique name was already taken as a username. Would it make you mad to find out it's not even my name? It is my name though. Just a hypothetical. Nice name you got there as well. Also to be on topic I highly suggest you guys try out the
  6. Could I be whitelisted? I wanna make gardens. Edit: whoops, my MC is Blizihizake
  7. Wow, the synthwork for this was balls to the wall. Awesomely mixed. Love it!
  8. erp, sent a pm

  9. Hey, I would like to claim The Skies of Alexandria. I already started and should have a good wip ready by June 1st.

  10. I've been requesting this for a while from the OCR staff, and finally they've answered. I think they've got a -very- strong concept at work here. Personally, I'm glad that this system's in place. That way we can gradually bring the standard of our OCReMixes back up to what it once was. No more shitty mixing. No more shitty judges. Might increase traffic to this site too, and some, god forbid, -real musicians.- Thanks OC ReMix (:rolleyes), for finally putting the "Re" back into "ReMix" like I've been asking ever since '99, ya know, back when the greats such as Seifer and Counterstri
  11. RIP Nujabes. Your music got me through a lot of tough shit and accompanied me through a lot of good times, and I'll never forget you. The nostalgia of my past is too intertwined with your music for that to happen.
  12. WOW Busta these Youtube tutorials are absolutely amazing. I tried Reaper a couple weeks ago and my head just exploded, mainly because I've only ever used FL Studio. But watching your tutorials I feel absolutely ready to not only try it, but use it and take advantage of its neat features and ability to optimize the workflow.
  13. I guess I'll piggyback on this topic and say that I have a problem with meanies on Left 4 Dead. I'm not the greatest player, but by no means am I retarded in game. But in quickmatches, apparently I'm bad enough to the point where people constantly swear me out and attempt to votekick me. I don't know what about my play classifies me as terrible. All I know is people are completely unwilling to help each other out in game and everybody seems to have the game down to a science.
  14. Purely awesome. As soon as it moved into the more recognizable melody I got tingles. You should be extremely proud of crafting this!
  15. If only you guys were alliance, then I may have transferred. Though I'm having lots of fun running stuff with just my IRL buddies. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Frostmane&n=Blizihizake It looks like you guys could use a tank : [ EDIT: nm I was looking at the Glyph list. You have lots of warriors.
  16. That's a fucking awesome intro song. Also, I have nothing to contribute!
  17. Blake

    Left 4 Dead

    Wow, honestly I thought versus mode was gonna be a gimmick. It's freakin FUN though.
  18. A smaller tube TV or iPod may seem like it looks great because the small resolution is being compressed into a small frame, hiding any artifacts. Unless you converted a 1400 kbps double pass mp4, it's not gonna hold up to an HD broadcast on the same large screen. The thing is, anybody who has actually seen an HDTV broadcast usually has their mind instantly changed, because there IS groundbreaking detail. Especially in a movie like transformers, I'm pretty sure you won't see Megan Fox's cleavage sweat (that's beside the point however) on an iPod. So either something was wrong with the hook
  19. The only store near where I live that actually knows how to put HD broadcast onto HD tv's seems to be Costco, of all places. Which is awesome. When you walk into Costco to get some awesome hotdogs and gigantic bins of pretzels, the first thing you see is 20 tv's all showing a live sports event in HD. The Best Buy and Circuit City where I live show an absolutely shitty broadcast that looks like youtube quality.
  20. I freakin love this. The Warcraft II soundtrack is a great soundtrack, and this is a great remix.
  21. Blake

    Left 4 Dead

    Turning off vertical sync did it for me and everyone I know who's had that issue. Also, another big hit to performance I've found is shader detail. If you can run tf2, then you can definitely run this game. If you're on minimum settings already, I donno what to say. My laptop has a much harder time with TF2 than with L4D though. This game is fun. I've spent so much time on this demo it's not even funny.
  22. I'm really surprised that nobody has made a Left 4 Dead thread on this forum. It really is fun as hell if you play with your friends or with a community. I've probably already spent around 15 hours just on a freakin Left 4 Dead demo since a couple days ago. The AI controller, known as the Director, seems like it almost has its own personality. For ex,(in expert mode, my only mode!) starting off in the safe room and seeing no zombies outside. Great times, this will be a breeze! Well, turns out that AI just wanted to fuck with you and once you got through that area, a boomer barfs on the guy
  23. Oh wow that was awesome.
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