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EWQL templates?


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For those of you who manage to successfully use EWQL, do you have any go to sample sets? Me personally I end up using the running/flowing 10 cello or viola instruments when I want a sustained sound for example.

I never actually documented which ones I use the most but I'll run through my work and take a look. But for you all, what combinations do you find best? What do you layer instances with (if you do layer)? I know these are broad questions. but I'm just wondering how you use this library.

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I recently got EWQLSO with the intention of using it to supplement other libraries (rather than as a complete orchestra in itself), but I haven't yet had a chance to sort through it and figure out what I want to use. I'll most likely spend a couple of days going through patches and setting up track templates for everything so that if I decide I need an EWQLSO instrument in a project I can just drop it in with all the proper articulations already routed. That's what I've done with the Hollywood series, anyway.

In general, my preference for sample loading is to load all available articulations and mic positions for any given instrument. This increases loading times and overall system resource use, but it allows for more flexibility in programming and mixing. And I'm moving toward a workflow where I just work instrument-by-instrument and bounce everything down to audio before I mix it, so system load isn't necessarily a big issue for me.

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I'm still really interested in this topic since I feel like I'm not really fully getting everything out of EWQL Symphonic Gold that I can. I wish I used the Kontakt version for better scripting, but unfortunately I'm on the PLAY version.

As far as patches go:

I tend to use the QLEG DXF patches for just about everything sustain wise (mainly strings and brass...the woodwinds aren't as good as the other 2 for symphonic gold). For staccatos/short strings I'll often stack the spics and staccatos and just lower the volume a bit on each. There's a couple decent videos out there about pros using ewql symphonic gold, but a majority of them are just random people using it and they don't sound too great. I think Alex Pfeffer has a few on how he used to use the brass staccatos somewhere on the interwebs :P.


(here's that video)

Unfortunately I still don't have a straight template that I use and I've been meaning to make one for 2 years now :P. It's hard to come up with a template that just always works.

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