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Final Fantasy VII "The Great Warrior"

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Honestly, the scene where Red XIII discovers the truth about his father stands out as the most emotionally powerful scene in the game, maybe even the whole series. But the thing is, I don't feel like there has ever been a cover that really matched the sadness they was conveyed in the scene; it's always super rigid, like they're more focused on mimicking the original tune, rather than adding emotion into the music.

I play guitar, but it just doesn't sound the same. I feel like a Cello or Violin would really be perfect, or even a slow piano piece. Something that starts off slow and soft, almost like a whisper, but eventually builds into a loud, forceful sound! Really capture that emotion, sad but also profound and powerful.

Anyways, that's my request, and I would be deeply appreciate anyone willing to take the time to try something along those lines! And also, if anybody knows a particularly good cover of it, please share!

For those unfamiliar with the track:

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