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Firefox 31.0... hangs?

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Hey guys, is anyone who is/was using Firefox 31.0 getting random hanging (freezing but not crashing)? I chose to downgrade to 26.0 to try to fix it, as when it happened, I had to shut down my computer the abnormal way each time (pushing the power button). I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

EDIT: Okay, somehow it happened when I tried using Google Chrome. Maybe it's not Firefox? I scanned already and I didn't find any viruses...

EDIT2: Oh yeah, and perhaps it has something to do with the power outage where I live, which occurred 3 days ago. My computer got shut down 3 times in a row in 10 seconds. No kidding. Everything was fine before that.


4 hours later:

I just did multiple restarts and system startup diagnoses. Things seem to be going alright now. I'm still using Firefox 26.0, but websites are loading faster than they were before, even when I force a cache refresh with Ctrl+F5. Seems to be a good sign.

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