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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Underground Melodies (Nintendo DS)


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2. Do not post multiple songs in the same thread. If you have more than one remix to post, make a separate thread for each (within reason.. please don't post 15 threads at once; yes, it has happened :<), and always state the game in the thread title.


Just saying, dude. Not that I'm a mod, but you've posted at least 30 tracks in the last three weeks, and each time maybe 5 within the same day. Please space out your tracks so that you're not flooding the forum and pushing the other artists' workshop remixes to the next page. Not to mention that basically all your forum posts have been centered around your posted remixes. :| Alternatively, you could have pretended that some amount of your tracks were part of a large compilation, and posted it as an "Album/Other" category. Anyways, I think you may get more responses if you actually give feedback to other people. Thanks.

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