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Mega Man 4-Cossack Stage 2

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Basically to explain everything..."The Megas" were my source of inspiration for this idea. Basically I figured that (even though someone's done it already) someone could give lyrics to the Cossack Stage 2 Theme in sort of a Megas style (or whatever you think would work). I've written lyrics and thought things out on how it should work in small notes I have stored. Any artists (vocal or otherwise) who is interested in this idea can let me know through here or my Gmail willyates1125@gmail.com. And I can send the lyrics to you...I hope that I can maybe be involved in future projects. (The only thing stopping me from doing this piece myself is that I have no music programs)

Thank you to whoever does this.

Here's a small lyric sample:

(Pre Chorus)

Dr. Cossack:

Though I try to fight it...

It won’t be enough…

To stop this madman from harming her…

And keeping me locked away…


Dr. Cossack:

I’m trapped here and I can’t escape,

I’m trying so hard to be strong,

I don’t know what choice to make,

I need to know is this right or is this wrong?

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