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    If I send you a friend request. I simply want to try to reach out to some of the really cool musical artists on here and learn a few tricks from them.
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  1. Finally, a legit Cossack Stage 2 ReMix. It's good to see this underrated song get some lovem
  2. This theme is surprisingly more catchy than brentalfloss' content on Youtube. It's so good that I'm also surprised no one has extended the track by any means at all. Well, someone had to get around to it I suppose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BJTIStxMEM (Don't worry, I gave proper credits, linking to this website, Darangen's website, and even posted the lyrics)
  3. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz9wR2QXakXiZmNZN3Z2OEd0ajg&usp=sharing I figured I'd share a couple of my new projects. You can see a change in the line art starting around "Project 10" or the one of Piccolo from "Dragon Ball Z". I finally started using 300p resolution for my drawings around the time I started that one. I wish I could've done that for the "Street Fighter V" drawing I made (Imagine how much better it could've looked; also lazy-eye Ken). "Project 12" (the Smash Bros. one with the random fox-guy/my pseudo-mascot) was actually a collaboration, between me and UK artist John Baker (better known as "Deamondante", who can be found on deviantART). Of course he did most of the work, I mostly made fixes, such as to my own character, adding in Pikachu (for a 4-Player Smash), and of course making Link look more like, Link XD Anyways enjoy the drawings and let me know if you have any album covers or posters you want me to work on.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2J1PjMY5F3oWURd0gv-mg I've made a new Gamertag (Zer00-1nfinity) and play USFIV on PS3. I upload a lot of replays from online onto my channel (most of which is Ryu [Me] vs. Evil Ryu/Ken/Dan), so if you want to grade how bad I am at the game, feel free. I usually upload a new replay a couple days a week, since I play it every time I turn on the PS3. If you would like to fight against me (and probably beat me), feel free to add my Gamertag, or vice-versa. Also if you're a good Ryu, Ken, Guile, (Balrog, Rolento, Vega) or Yun player, let me know because I would love to learn some new combos and stuff like that with these guys.
  5. Whoever said that is right on the money. It has just the right amount of balance in gameplay, plus there's a good bit of pleasure in doing a Super Combo the way the game intended it (Special Movement + All Three Punches/Kicks) ------------------------------------ I am sad that SSFIV:AE (or just SSFIV) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (or Tekken 6) weren't ported to the Vita though. If Tekken 6 was able to be on PSP and SSFIV on 3DS, so how hard would it have been to port them to the Vita? I feel the same way about Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (probably would've boosted Vita sales as well as the game itself), Seeing as how games like PS-All Stars and of course SFxTK run so smoothly on Vita, I'm surprised Atlus never put P4A(U) on a portable console :/ Sorry, I kind of rambled my inner thoughts there for a bit
  6. I speak for several fans of Street Fighter IV when I say that Abel's theme is pretty f**king sweet. Which makes me wonder why I've never seen anyone do an actual remix of the song. I don't even care what genre it is as long as it's recognizable. If you're looking for an example, how about a piano sonata? Maybe play on the sympathetic aspect of Abel, not knowing his past, wondering what he is. Or just make it sad sounding, kind of like this old MM5 remix from 2002: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00781
  7. I've actually had a fun time with it. P4 Golden has brought nothing but a smile to my face while I've been playing it, and as expected, the music is great too. SFxTK has Gallery Mode (A Sound Test, Cutscene Viewer, and AR Mode), the characters that I wanted so bad in the PS3 version, and a Burst Kumite mode (So much fun!!). It even lets you play your own music (like the PS3 version) if you prefer. On another note, I finally got Ultra Street Fighter IV, and have been playing with Rolento, Yun, and Ryu (Ramen Shop/Alternate Costume 3) too much. Thanks for all of the recommendations guys, I'm actually planning on getting LBP Vita, BlazBlue EX, and the MGS Collection for Vita, to name a few. --------------- As for P4:DaN, I have mixed feelings, I know it's a great game, and it plays beautifully, but I feel it lacks a bit in content (only 27 initial songs, not including DLC). I'll probably end up buying it anyways though.
  8. Finally gonna' respond. I got the Vita. I've been playing Persona 4 Golden, Street Fighter x Tekken, and PS1 (Import) Classic: Mega Man 2. I'm planning on getting more games for it during the holiday.
  9. Finally switched icons. Been away from the forums for a while, but it hasn't stopped my love for the website.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zi1KARIO8c (The track) I know the game isn't out yet, but a good chunk of the music has been released and shared. I think it'd be a cool idea to beat the storm and remix one of the new character themes to build up hype, and stuff like that.
  11. Due to Akuma being revealed as a playable character in Tekken 7 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5nxtsmZW2s ), I think it would be amazing if OCR made a new remix to go with it. Maybe even make it a Tekken mash-up. Either way, a new remix for the "Raging Demon" is overdue.
  12. Just an interesting concept I thought of the other day. What if we used Dr. Wily Stage 2 from Mega Man 3 as a base, but incorporated the Wily Stage 2 theme from Mega Man 4? It's nothing special and I don't expect responses. If anyone knows a way to build on this, that would be awesome though.
  13. Long story short, my PSP finally broke (internal screen cracks), rendering it unusable. I was so close to beating MGS Peace Walker too Anyways, I figured it's high time I upgrade to a PS Vita. But of course, I have a few questions about it. 1) Is it able to play old PSP games? I have Peace Walker, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Maverick Hunter X, and the like; and I would still like to play them. 2) Can I carry my PSP data over to my PS Vita? I really would like to finish Peace Walker without starting over from the beginning. 3) What games would you recommend for the PS Vita? This is something that's bothering me, because now I'm dealing with a brand new library of games. 4)Any other things I should know about the PS Vita? If you have anything else you feel like mentioning...please say so. -------- Thanks for reading.
  14. It's the last day of school; if anyone's got a PS3, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, by all means I'm willing to play.

  15. My favorite song in this soundtrack will always be "Perilous Pathway" by Nutritious. It was such a bold and unique path to take on "Koopa's Road", and for that, I truly respect Nutritious. The other songs are pretty good too such as "Grab the Red Coins" and "Roads to Everywhere".
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